How to Earn XP in Undawn and How Character Leveling Works


Many newcomers often find themselves confused about how leveling up works in Undawn and how to earn experience points (XP). Undawn is a mobile MMORPG also available on PC, and like most mobile MMORPGs, it has certain restrictions on the experience points you can earn.

Ways to Earn XP

There are two main ways to earn XP in Undawn:

  1. Completing the four daily XP quests found in the “Schedule” → “XP Mode” section (the primary source of experience points).
  2. Some XP is also awarded for completing Main Story Missions and Tutorial Missions.

Currently, there are no other methods to gain experience points in Undawn. Experience is NOT awarded for killing mobs or participating in other events.

How Character Leveling Works

Each Undawn server has its own leveling limits, which gradually increase. Players at lower levels receive an experience bonus to help balance the player levels artificially.

The maximum level your character can reach also depends on the level of your Homestead upgrades (refer to the full guide for details). Make sure to upgrade your Homestead level, or you won’t be able to increase your character’s level.

If you open your character profile and click on the “i” (info) icon next to the experience bar, you’ll see all the parameters mentioned below.


You can also check these parameters by clicking the same “info” icon in the “Schedule” section.


Current Server Level Cap

The Current Server Level Cap is the maximum level that players on your server can reach at the moment. There are no ways to bypass this limit.


In the “Schedule” section, you can check when players will be able to reach the next “phase” of development. By “phase,” I mean levels that are multiples of 10 (20, 30, 40, 50, and so on). At these levels, access to new regions and the ability to craft more powerful weapons becomes available.

Homestead Level Cap

The Homestead Level Cap represents the maximum character level available based on your current Homestead upgrade level. Keep in mind that you cannot surpass the Current Server Level Cap even if your Homestead Level Cap is higher.


Current Reserve XP

Current Reserve XP is additional experience points you will receive for completing daily XP quests (main story missions and tutorial missions do not provide reserve XP). The lower a player’s level is compared to the Current Server Level Cap, the more reserve XP they can have.


Daily XP Limit

This parameter is represented as a scale in the “Schedule” section and signifies the maximum amount of experience you can earn in a day. For instance, in my case, it’s 89,560.


This number is not arbitrary; it’s the sum of the experience you can get from daily quests plus your current reserve XP. In my case, this means 16,200 * 4 + 24,760 = 89,560. Experience earned from completing main story missions and tutorial missions is not included in this figure.


The Daily XP cap increases as your character’s level rises. If you earn experience beyond the daily XP limit, that excess experience will be converted into Journey Points.


You can find and spend this currency in the “Inventory” (B) → “More Points” → “Journey” → “Use” section. The most valuable use is to purchase silver, as it is always in demand.

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