Undawn Friendship Guide: Everything You Need to Know


Undawn features an interesting friendship system. The more you interact with your friends, the more additional opportunities open up for you. Initially, you can give flowers and gifts to friends, then perform advanced interactions (such as “Heart Duo Action”), and at the highest friendship levels – even exchange Gold Chests.

How to add a friend in Undawn

To add a player as a friend, both of you must be playing on the same server.

  1. Click on the “Friends” icon next to the chat.
  2. Click on “Add Friend.”
  3. Enter the player’s nickname you are looking for in the search field. The nickname must be entered exactly as it is, including capitalization (uppercase and lowercase).
  4. Click the button to send a friend request. The player must accept your request to become your friend.

If you can’t find your friend by their nickname, ask them to say something in the global chat. Then, click on their avatar and press “Add Friend” in the player’s card.


Your friend will receive a friend request and can accept it. After that, you will always see your friend in the “Friends” section.

How to remove a player from your friends list

Select the player in the “Friends” section and click the “Unfriend” button in their personal card.


Managing Contacts

In the “Friends” section, there is a “Contact” section where you can create groups from your contacts.


To do this, click “New Group,” select multiple friends from the list, enter a name, and click “Save.”


The group will be saved in the Contact section. With such groups, you can organize your contacts and quickly find the people you need. Created groups can always be deleted or edited.

How to create a Group Chat

In Undawn, you can also create a Group Chat for multiple players.

  1. In the “Friends” → Group Chat section, click “New Group Chat.”
  2. Select several players from the contact list, enter a chat name, and click “Create.”

This chat is useful when you have a group of friends who need a separate space for communication.

How to give gifts to a friend

The ability to give gifts to a friend is only available when your friend is online. In the “Friends” section, select your friend from the list and click “Give Gift” in their card.


You can give your friend flowers (grown on Farmland) or various gifts that are purchased with RC.


You can also give Secret Gold Chests (L and M), first aid kits, and tactical gear to your friend.


Friendship Levels in Undawn

Currently, there are 9 friendship levels.

  1. Acquaintances (0-99). Unlocks the ability to give flowers and gifts.
  2. Colleagues (100-299). Unlocks “Heart Duo Action.”
  3. Friends (300-699). Unlocks “Closer than Close Action.”
  4. Companions (700-1499). Unlocks “Marriage Proposal Action.”
  5. Close Friends (1500-2999). Does not provide any bonuses in the current version of the game.
  6. Old Friends (3000-5999). Unlocks supply gifting between friends.
  7. Bosom Buddies (6000-11999). Does not provide any bonuses in the current version of the game.
  8. Heartfelt Friends (12000-79999). Unlocks Secret Gold Chest gifting between friends.
  9. Best Friends (80000-199999). Does not provide any bonuses in the current version of the game.
  10. Buddies: Same Boat (200000-399999). Only for players from the same survival squad. Does not provide any bonuses in the current version of the game.
  11. Cohabitation: Intimate (400000-400000). Only for roommates. Does not provide any bonuses in the current version of the game.


The maximum friendship points are 80000 (9 LVL). For players in the same survival squad, the friendship points cap increases to 200000 (10 LVL), and for roommates (players living in the same house), it increases to 400000 (11 LVL).

How to earn friendship points

  1. Give flowers and gifts to friends.
  2. Visit the homesteads of your friends.
  3. While in a group with friends, participate in the following activities: Special Ops, Stronghold Patrols, Outpost Commissions, Camp Patrols, Grab events, Duty missions.

There is a daily limit on earning friendship points, but it does not affect gifts and flowers. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments.

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