Guide to Bounty Hunting in SpaceBourne 2

SpaceBourne 2

The Bounty Hunters Guild is one of the four main guilds in the game. You will need to increase your rank in this guild, as it will unlock access to epic (rank 2) and legendary (rank 3) ship modules, which cannot be obtained in any other way. This guide explains the process of bounty hunting in SpaceBourne 2 for beginners.

How to Join the Bounty Hunters Guild

  1. Press “U” and go to the “Guilds” section.
  2. In the list of guilds, find “Bounty Hunters Guild“. The “Closest Branch” column shows the name and number of the nearest solar system where you can find the guild’s station. Remember the number.
    SpaceBourne 2
  3. Open the atlas (M). Enter the system number in the “Search Engine“. Use the Star Gate to travel to this system.
    SpaceBourne 2
  4. Visit the Bounty Hunters Guild station. Talk to the special NPC in the registration room to join the guild. You will need to complete a test mission to join.

What You Need to Know About the Bounty Board

After joining the Bounty Hunters Guild, the player gains access to the Bounty Board, which is located in the “Galaxy Web” tab of the main dashboard.

SpaceBourne 2

Here, you can choose any space criminal and start tracking them. However, there are a few things you should know about the Bounty Board.

  • The 4th column indicates the criminal’s level. The level of enemy ships you will encounter while hunting this criminal will be the same as shown in the 4th column. Therefore, choose manageable targets.
  • Contracts of any difficulty give roughly the same amount of guild experience, so there is no point in hunting the most dangerous level 60 criminals. You can just as successfully defeat the weakest criminals on the list and quickly level up the guild.
  • Do not pay attention to the reward for the criminal at all. It is always much lower than the value of the loot you will receive in the process.

How to Properly Track Space Criminals

In version 1.9.0 of the game, the process of hunting space criminals is as follows.

  1. Open the Bounty Board, choose a criminal to hunt, and click “Track“.
    SpaceBourne 2
  2. You will receive a new contract for this criminal. Select it from the list, click “Track” to track the contract itself, and then click “Atlas” to find the system where the criminal’s trail has been detected on the galactic map.
    SpaceBourne 2
  3. Next, fly to that system (if you don’t know how to do this, read the guide to space navigation in SpaceBourne 2). Here, you need to use a probe called Catcher (which can be bought and equipped at any space station) to detect the signal of the space criminal you’re chasing.
    SpaceBourne 2
    Open the scanner (T) and launch the Catcher. The signal will appear on the map immediately (most likely, this is a bug and in the future, the signal will have to be “caught” using other probes as well).
  4. Fly to the signal location using the warp engine. There, you will encounter many enemy ships. Their level corresponds to the level of the criminal you are hunting. You must defeat them.
  5. Sometimes the criminal is among them, and after destroying them, you immediately receive the reward for the contract. But more often, instead, you will see the message “Blackbox Closeby“.
  6. In this case, click on the box icon in the upper right panel, select “BlackBox” and click “Connect“.
    SpaceBourne 2
    This will give you information about which solar system to search for the criminal in next. The contract will be updated.
  7. After that, you need to repeat steps 3-6 until you finally eliminate the criminal. Usually, to defeat the most dangerous criminals, you need to visit 3-4 systems.
    SpaceBourne 2

Beginner’s Tips for Bounty Hunting

  • Use a squad. A squad is a group of 4 allied pilots from your faction that you can assign yourself in “U” → “Faction” → “Overview“. You can summon or dismiss these guys at any time using the “F” menu. They are very helpful in any space battle, so don’t forget to use them during bounty hunting.
    SpaceBourne 2
  • Use a fast ship with the “Cloak” perk. This will allow you to easily escape enemy fire in any situation and comfortably attack opponents who have lost sight of you. The presence of this perk increases your ship’s survivability by at least 5 times.
    SpaceBourne 2
  • Use burst turrets as weapons. Burst turrets have a high rate of fire and quickly overheat. However, if you redirect the maximum power to offensive systems (using the arrow keys), burst turrets will heat up much slower. Currently, this is the best weapon for spaceships in the game, as it can destroy an opponent (even if they are significantly higher level) in seconds.
    SpaceBourne 2
  • Reach rank 3 in the Freelancers Guild. This will give you access to buy legendary weapons for your ships. Such weapons are much more powerful, and with them, you will find it much easier to fight in space battles.

If you have any questions or if I forgot to mention something, feel free to comment below. Good luck, space wolves! 😎

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