How to Quickly Earn TY in SpaceBourne 2: Best Methods

SpaceBourne 2

TY is the primary currency in the game SpaceBourne 2, used to purchase almost everything: from ships and their components to weapons and armor for the character. This guide outlines the best ways to earn TY that I have discovered, and not all of them work as intended by the developer… To give you a sneak peek, in the midgame, players won’t experience a significant deficit of TY, as the currency is earned for nearly any action.

“Salvage” Dungeon Farming (BEST)

Such dungeons can be found on every inhabited planet. Enter orbit and press “B” to discover them.

SpaceBourne 2

As far as I understood, these are procedurally generated infinite dungeons. You’ll fight simple soldiers on several floors, followed by a boss floor, then more soldiers, another boss, and so on. Eventually, you’ll run out of ammunition, and you’ll have to leave the dungeon.

SpaceBourne 2

Dungeons come in different levels, and the higher the level, the higher the level of items you can get, and accordingly their value. For example, I got an epic armor worth 600k from the very first mob.

SpaceBourne 2

The mobs are quite weak, so you can confidently farm high-level dungeons without fear. You can get items both from killing mobs and from the numerous chests in the dungeons.

SpaceBourne 2

In 10 minutes, I completed the first two floors and earned 1.5-2 million TY. Moreover, you’ll be leveling up the Soldier class. I highly recommend trying this method. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!

Each system in SpaceBourne 2 has its own level (for example, L15-25). This level determines the level of enemies in “Salvage” type dungeons on all planets within the system. Therefore, to earn the maximum amount (1 million for 1 epic costume and 150-200k for regular quality items), you should head to a high-level system like Galia (55-65) and farm high-level dungeons. As mentioned earlier, the bots there are not dangerous, and you can simply ignore the boss, resetting the first 1-2 floors. In version 1.8.0 of the game, this is the main way to earn in-game currency. In 20-30 minutes, you will earn 8-12 million TY.

12kk ty for 20 minutes

If you encounter a situation where all dungeons in all systems have the same level (for example, 31-35), be aware that this is a bug. I have also experienced it. Presumably, this bug occurs due to Mercenary contracts. Try canceling all such contracts (or all contracts altogether) and restart the game.

Mining ship for higher cargo capacity

To earn more and faster, farm on a planet with a station in orbit (it is needed for selling items). Also, you can take a mining ship, which has more than 100 slots for cargo. This way, you won’t need to fly to the station every 5 minutes. You will be able to focus on longer farming sessions.

Planet Surface Building Farming (fixed in 1.8.0)

On the surface of any inhabited planet, you’ll periodically encounter the same building containing 4 hostile aliens, a container with items, and a dead soldier from whom you can also loot items. Sometimes the soldier is alive and can give you a quest to clear a nearby bandit camp. However, for earning TY, our goal is not the quest, but the buildings themselves.

SpaceBourne 2

The “secret” is that such buildings on planet surfaces are generated almost every 500 meters. All you need is a fast ship that will fly a few meters above the surface. Spot a building – clear it, collect the loot, and move on.

SpaceBourne 2

Most of the time, you’ll get trash worth 20-30 thousand. However, sometimes you can find quite expensive ship modules in the chest, worth 70-100 thousand.

SpaceBourne 2

For the sake of curiosity, I timed it: in just 10 minutes, I managed to find and clear 5-6 such buildings, and the total value of the loot was 300-400 thousand. This method is also interesting because you’re simultaneously leveling up the Soldier class. In version 1.8.0, such structures are encountered much less frequently, but you can still farm them if you have a fast ship.

Bounty Hunting

This method is suitable for more experienced pilots who have already joined the ranks of the Bounty Hunters Guild. The method involves tracking and eliminating space criminals using Galaxy Web → Bounty Board, where rewards are offered for their capture or elimination.

SpaceBourne 2

To earn money this way, you will need a fast, agile ship with the Cloak perk and powerful weapons, as enemies will be very strong. For the same reason, your Pilot class should be highly developed.

SpaceBourne 2

In case of success, you will receive a substantial sum.

It makes sense to start bounty hunting in SpaceBourne 2 after the player has a leveled-up squad that can be called for assistance in battle (F1). After the fight, don’t forget to collect the loot from the destroyed ships. Quite often, you can find items worth a total of 1-3 million TY.

Completing Freelance and Mercenary Guild Contracts

After joining these guilds, players can access the “Looking for pilot” (freelance) and “Looking for mercenary” boards in the Galaxy Web section. Contracts are selected according to your class levels, making them relatively easy to complete. Rewards include a decent amount of money and experience.

SpaceBourne 2

If your goal is to earn TY specifically, I highly recommend “hack something…” type mercenary contracts. You’ll need to fly to a specific location on a planet, upload some data to a terminal, and fend off enemy forces while the hacking process completes. The mission is extremely easy and, most importantly, enjoyable to complete.

SpaceBourne 2

Similar missions are also good because, in the process, you will obtain a considerable amount of loot from the bots that will attack you. However, don’t forget about freelance contracts, as increasing your rank will grant you access to purchase powerful epic and legendary weapons at the guild station.

If you plan to earn TY this way, be sure to level up the “More Money” perk related to the “Intelligence” stat of the “Adventurer” class. This will allow you to get 70% more TY for completing contracts.

"more money" perk

Also, remember that contracts in Galaxy Web are always issued for the star sector where the player is located. It makes sense to take several orders for the same system at once to speed up the process. In version 1.8.0, you can accept and cancel any contracts in Galaxy Web without penalty, which will refresh the list of available contracts. This way, you can get several contracts for the same system at once, allowing you to complete them much faster. This also helps to level up your rank in guilds more quickly.

Ship Purchase / Sale Exploit (BEST in 1.9.0, FIXED in 2.0.0)

In version 1.9.0 of the game, you can become a billionaire in just a few minutes. The thing is, the assortment of ships refreshes with every interaction (F) with the console. Since the bug with the selling price of a mining ship has not been fixed yet, but only worsened, you can buy such a ship for 1-1.5 million TY and sell it for 13-17 million! After that, simply close the console, open it again, and repeat the procedure! There’s definitely no easier way to get rich in SpaceBourne 2.

In the early access version 1.5.0 of the game, there was a funny exploit that allowed you to sell ships at a higher price than you bought them for, right on the spot. You can earn up to 1 million TY in a single purchase-sale transaction. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

  1. Almost every system has a space station. You need to fly to such a station and approach the vending machine that sells ships.
    SpaceBourne 2
  2. Next, save the game (manually or press F6).
  3. After that, you purchase the available ships one by one and check their selling price. If you make a profit, save the game. If you end up with a loss, load the last save (manually or press F8).
    SpaceBourne 2
    Usually, if a ship is inexpensive (500k – 1.5 million), you can sell it for a higher price than you bought it for.
    SpaceBourne 2
  4. As you can see from the screenshots, we made 800k TY with just two clicks of the mouse.

This bug was partially fixed in version 1.8.0.

Mining Ore

There is a separate guide on earning TY through ore mining, which details the mining process in SpaceBourne 2. To start mining ore, you’ll need to join the miners’ guild and possibly purchase a specialized ship that can scan asteroids in space.

SpaceBourne 2

Unfortunately, in the current version of the game, mining is implemented with errors and poorly balanced, making it not particularly profitable to earn TY by mining ore. Unless, of course, you’re a true miner at heart 😉.

At the moment, these are all the effective ways of earning TY in SpaceBourne 2 that I know of. If you are aware of additional ways to quickly farm the in-game currency, don’t hesitate to share them in the comments.

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