Ore Mining Guide for SpaceBourne 2

SpaceBourne 2

Ore mining in SpaceBourne 2 is a decent (though not the best) way to make money for a new ship. To start mining ore, you must join the Miners Guild. As soon as you join, you will be given a Misc Beam, which you can use to mine ore. You will also gain access to the guild store, where you can buy a special ship for mining ore in space. I should note in advance that you will be able to mine ore much faster with this ship.

How to join the Miners

  1. Guild Press “U” on the keyboard to open the main dashboard, and go to the “Guilds” tab.
  2. Find the “Miners Guild” in the list. In the second column, under “Closest Branch“, you will see the nearest system where you can find a guild station. Remember the name of this system.
    Miners Guild
  3. Now open the atlas (press “M“), activate the “Search Engine” (the button is located at the bottom panel), and enter the name of the system. You need to enter the full name (at least in the current version of the game).
  4. When the “Search Engine” finds the system, click on the magnifying glass icon to direct the camera to it.
    Search Engine in atlas
  5. After that, you can set a route to this system (Q) and jump through the Star Gate. The guides in the links provide detailed instructions on how to do this.
  6. Once you reach the station, land your ship, and head to the registration room. In all guild stations, the registration room is located directly opposite the entrance.
    guild station, registration room
  7. In the registration room, talk to the NPC and select the option “I want to join the Miners Guild“.
  8. You will become a member of the guild immediately without completing any tasks. Your character will be given a Misc Beam, which will be automatically equipped in the corresponding inventory slot.
    Misc Beam,
  9. In the Market room to the right of the registration room, you can buy a mining ship.
    Market room
    With this ship, you can effectively mine ore in the Asteroid Field (more on this later).

How to mine ore on planet surfaces using a Misc Beam

First of all, make sure the planet is safe. To do this, select it on the Scanner and press “E” to Inspect. If there are any points of interest or cities on the planet, you can safely visit it.


If the planet is completely empty, attempting to enter the atmosphere will most likely result in your ship being destroyed by radiation or something else.

On the surface of any inhabited planet, you will find ore deposits, which look like small stone boulders with colorful inclusions (the color depends on the type of ore).

ore deposit on a planet surface

The images show an iron ore deposit. To start mining, activate the Misc Beam (press “Tab“) and aim it at the deposit. In the “Impact” cell next to the crosshair, the type of rock you are aiming at will be displayed. In this case, it’s “Iron“.

ore mining with misc beam

You may also notice 2 scales: EFFICIENCY and POWER, which are controlled by the mouse wheel. The higher the POWER, the faster the rock is destroyed. The higher the EFFICIENCY, the more often you will receive ore (at least, that’s what my tests suggest). Therefore, to mine ore as efficiently as possible, you should raise EFFICIENCY to 99%. Now hold the right mouse button to aim and mine ore using the left mouse button. From time to time (sometimes quite rarely!), you will receive one or more units of ore.


The ore will be automatically stored in the ship’s Cargo. You can press “I” on the keyboard to view the cargo. This is how you can mine ore using the Misc Beam. However, deliberately searching for deposits on the surface of planets is not advisable, as there are more efficient ways to mine ore. Note that you can also mine ore on the surface of planets using a Misactor (more on this later).

How to mine ore in mines using a Misc Beam

In most planets in SpaceBourne 2, there are special dungeons for ore mining called “Pit” (e.g., “Pit of Cupitt” or “Pit of Forsdyke“). If you want to make quick money mining ore with the Misc Beam, such dungeons are the best option.

a pit

To enter a dungeon, you need to use a special elevator on the surface.


The dungeon itself consists of a long chain of caves, where you will find deposits of quite valuable ores. For example, in the screenshot below, you can see a Wolfram deposit, the best ore for mining (in my opinion).

a Wolfram deposit

It takes about 5-10 minutes to mine such a deposit, and you can earn 50-150 thousand TY during this time (depending on the number of ore). There are also richer deposits that will take you more time.

Wolfram ore

Even if the deposit appears empty, you can make a few holes in it with the Misc Beam and discover ore inside.

At the end of each dungeon, there will be an elevator waiting for you, which will take you to the surface or the next level of the dungeon.

an elevator inside the dungeon

I haven’t found any enemies in the current version of the game, but they are likely to appear in future updates. You will gain Adventurer class experience for mining ore, which indirectly affects other classes. You will also gain guild experience for mining ore. Ranking up will take a long time because very little experience is awarded.

Mining ore in space using Misactor

In each system, there is an Asteroid Field where you can mine ore from asteroids. You can fly there on a regular ship, visually identify the ore, land your character on an asteroid, and mine using the Misc Beam. However, this will be slow and very inconvenient.

Ship Manager console

For efficient ore mining from asteroids, you need a special mining ship that can be purchased at the Miners Guild station after becoming a member. After purchasing the ship, you must summon it using the Ship Manager console, which can be found at any station. It is usually located near the exit to the landing pad. Select the “Call Ship” option and call the mining ship. It will appear on the landing pad instead of your current ship.

call ship

To transfer cargo between ships, use the “Transfer Items” option. The screenshot shows how to use it: first, you must unload the items into the GLX BANK, and then load them onto another ship.

transferring items

The mining ship has a built-in Misactor. This is a special small ship for mining ore in space. It can be equipped with 3 modules:

  • Mining Laser (for mining),
  • Gatherer (for collecting mined ore),
  • Misactor Systems (a set of additional ship abilities).

Misactor modules

All these components can be purchased at the Miners Guild station. The Misactor Systems is the most important of them. Make sure your Misactor Systems module has as many Bombs in reserve as possible (the more, the better). With their help, you can blow up asteroids without the need to mine them with a laser.

Asteroid scanning

Once you reach the Asteroid Field, you will find many asteroids. One of the most useful features of the mining ship is that it scans an asteroid when you hover the cursor over it and displays the ore it contains and its quantity. You can find a list of ores in the table below. Personally, I recommend focusing on Wolfram and Gold, as they have the best weight, selling price, and detection / mining difficulty ratio.

As soon as you find a suitable asteroid, stop the ship and summon the Misactor using the “4” key (the key may be different in your preset, check the settings). It is quite simple to use: the left mouse button activates the mining laser, and the right one attracts and picks up the dropped ore.

ore mining with misactor

The main convenience of mining ore with Misactor lies in its special abilities. The current ability is displayed to the right of the crosshair. It can be changed using the mouse wheel scroll or activated by pressing the mouse wheel. There are 3 abilities in total:

  • Worms. Places an autonomous worm on the surface of the asteroid, which begins to drill the asteroid in search of ore. When the worm finds ore, it stops. In the current version of the game, worms still work incorrectly, as they do not light up inside the asteroid after stopping. Thus, you must keep an eye on the worm. If it disappears, it means it found ore.
  • Tunnel. This ability allows you to create a tunnel in the asteroid to penetrate inside and mine ore.
  • Bombs – the main tool. With bombs, you can blow up ore deposits and then collect them using the Gatherer (right mouse button). That’s why you need as many bombs as possible.

All listed components are restored after returning the Misactor to the ship. To do this, you need to fly to the special yellow platform under the ship, approach the indicated point, and press “F“.

yellow platform

The Misactor will be loaded back onto the ship, and all collected ore will go to the cargo hold. After that, you can release the Misactor again and continue mining ore using bombs.

Note that when mining with Misactor, sometimes not just 1 piece of ore drops, but 2-3 at once, which significantly speeds up the process.

ship is overloaded

However, remember that the ship’s cargo hold is not infinite. If the ship is overloaded, it will significantly reduce the speed of the warp drive. To unload the ship, go to the Cargo section and eject excess resources. If you right-click on a resource, you can split the stack (using the “Split” button) and eject it (using the “Eject” button).

items ejecting

The mined ore can be sold at any station. The higher your rank in the Miners Guild, the lower the commission, and the more you will earn. At the time of writing this guide, earning TY through ore mining is pointless, as earning currency in battles is several times faster.

SpaceBourne 2 Ore Table

This table contains all types of ores that I managed to find in the game.

Ore type



Occupied volume (per 1 unit)





1.4 m3

1 exp




1.9 m3

2 exp




0.7 m3

3 exp




1.8 m3

3 exp




1.1 m3

4 exp




0.4 m3

6 exp




0.2 m3

7 exp

If you have any questions about ore mining in SpaceBourne 2, feel free to ask them in the comments. Also, please let me know if you are aware of something that I am not yet aware of. It will be added to the guide and will greatly help thousands of our readers. Good luck!

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