How to Get Silver in Undawn: All the Ways


Silver is one of the most important currencies among the many in Undawn. It is used to purchase ingredients, seeds, skill upgrades, enhancement, polishing, stat modifications, and other useful items. At the beginning of the game, players usually don’t face problems with Silver, but around level 40, Silver becomes scarce. In this short guide, I will tell you all the ways to earn Silver in Undawn that I know and use myself.

Daily Quests


As cliché as it may sound, starting with completing all the daily quests from the “Schedule” section is worthwhile. This will earn you over 10,000 Silver, XP, and many other useful items. I mention this because many people indeed ignore daily quests and hinder their progress.

Free Daily Supplies


Every day, you can claim 3 free Supply Crates from the StoreSupplies section. These crates often contain several thousand Silver. It’s not exactly a “secret” method, but I must mention it.

Time-Limited Events

Undawn always has 1-2 time-limited events available. These events are usually straightforward: you complete some easy activities, earn specific points, and then exchange them in the event store for rewards such as Accessory Blueprints, Silicon Carbide Particles, or Silver.


The event store often offers unique character and weapon skins. However, if you are a free-to-play player and your goal is to earn a lot of Silver, it’s best not to spend limited resources on unnecessary items.

As an example, the “Island Trek” event, which ran from 2023/07/27 to 2023/08/09, required players to simply send game dice to their friends. Each player could receive up to 2 game dice from friends daily. As shown in the screenshot, players earned a considerable amount of Score (the event currency), and 1 Score could be exchanged for 1000 Silver.


As of writing this post, Island Trek is definitely the most generous event in terms of Silver rewards. Participating players earned hundreds of thousands of Silver. That’s why you should not ignore events and always take them seriously and attentively.

Exchanging Pet Trust Points


In Undawn, every player can have one or more pets, such as cats or dogs. Read a separate Undawn pet guide to learn how to obtain them. By taking care of your pets, you will earn Pet Trust Points daily, which can be exchanged for Silver in the EscMarketPetOther section. At the time of writing this guide, the limit is 5,000 Silver per week.

Adventure Guide


In the EscStory section, you can find a long tutorial quest chain called “Adventure Guide.” Regardless of your game level, it’s worth striving to complete this chain as quickly as possible. As a reward, you will not only receive Silver but also Coupons, Gold, various furniture, and skins.

Wilderness Anecdote


One of the main ways to earn Silver in the mid-game is by completing side quests. You can find them all in the EscStoryWilderness Anecdote section. Completing each of these quests will reward you with 2,000 Silver. The completion usually takes around 5 minutes, although some quests may be longer.

Past Reflections


“Past Reflections” are story campaigns in Undawn, consisting of multiple episodes. They are available in the EscStory section. By completing each episode, you will earn Silver and various useful items. Note that some episodes can be quite lengthy and may take up to an hour of real-time to complete.

Stronghold Challenges


Stronghold Challenges can be found in the EscRavens section. They are small locations on the map filled with zombies and mini-bosses that players can defeat solo or with a group. In addition to Silver, you will also earn Talent Points as a reward. It’s best to complete Stronghold Challenges in a group as they become available with the player’s level increase. This way, you can save ammunition and equipment repair materials.

Hold the Line


The solo mode “Hold the Line” in the EscRavens section may not be a significant source of Silver, but it’s still worth considering. Leveling up in Hold the Line will not only reward you with Silver and Talent Points but will also allow you to increase your Raven Title, which improves your character’s attributes.

Buying Silver with Gold


In my recent guide, I explained how to earn Gold relatively quickly in Undawn. If you have plenty of Gold but lack Silver, you can always purchase the “A lot of Silver” crate in the StoreGold section. It costs 9,000 Gold and contains 10,000 Silver. You can buy up to 20 of these crates per week. However, I must emphasize that you should resort to this only in extreme cases, as Gold is much more valuable.

World Exploration

This method is mainly relevant in the early stages of the game. In the open world of Undawn, you can find various crates marked with an orange icon on the minimap when you approach them. Each crate contains a small amount of Silver and Exploration Points, which can be spent in the Market section.


Finding crates is not difficult; they are usually hidden inside buildings. Especially, you will find crates within any Strongholds’ territory (no need to launch Stronghold Challenges for this).


These are all the main ways to earn Silver in Undawn that I know and use myself. I would love to tell you about some “secret methods” to earn millions in 10 minutes, but unfortunately, they don’t exist. Developers designed the game in a way that Silver is often in scarcity, so it’s crucial to be very careful with its expenditure. As always, if you have anything to add, feel free to write comments under this post. Thanks for reading, and good luck! 😎

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