Undawn Currencies Guide: How to earn and what to spend on


Undawn features various currencies that players can earn by engaging in different in-game activities. In this guide, I will share everything I know about the currencies in the game, including how to earn them and what they are best spent on.

Viewing all currencies

Open your character’s inventory (B). In the top left corner of the interface, you can see four main currencies (RC, Coupons, Silver, Gold).


If you click on the “More Points” button, a popup window will appear, displaying the list of other currencies available in the game. Let’s now examine each currency in more detail.

RC Currency

RC can only be purchased with real money (donated to the developers). It can be spent in the “Store” section for in-game purchases.



One of the most important currencies, Coupons are primarily awarded for in-game achievements (EscAchievements).


They can also be obtained through certain other activities. A significant amount (around 1200) is awarded for completing surveys from the developers (an icon will appear in the top left corner of the screen). At the time of writing this guide, there are several surveys available, so you can earn several thousand Coupons. The developers genuinely pay attention to the gaming experience.


Recently, I discovered another way to earn up to 2500 Coupons per week. To do this, you need to participate in the Extreme Weather events (read the guide for more details), which take place daily in different regions. In these regions, “B-class” zones will appear where you can gather unique seeds or special fertilizers.

unique plants

By growing plants from these unique seeds on your Farmland, you can exchange them for Coupons at a rate of 1 to 50: 5 unique seeds = 25 plants = 1250 Coupons. Considering that you can grow 2 types of unique plants, receiving 5 seeds of each type per week, you can earn up to 2500 Coupons weekly.

plants to coupons exchanging

Spending Coupons in the MG Shop (TradeMerchant Guild) is worth it only for the most valuable materials for character enhancement: Accessory Blueprints and Armor Plates. In my opinion, these are the most difficult-to-obtain items.


Silver can be earned through various methods, ranging from daily quests to missions in the “Story” section. Silver is one of the main currencies in the game as it is used to purchase almost all essential crafting materials/ingredients and even basic equipment in the MarketRaven Shop section.


At the beginning and middle stages of the game, you will have an abundance of Silver, but I advise against spending it recklessly because directly farming it with a specific purpose is not very profitable (you can buy Silver with Gold in the “Shop” section at a 1-to-1 exchange rate).

Read a separate detailed guide on how to earn Silver in Undawn.


Gold is perhaps the most important currency in Undawn. Firstly, it is used for player-to-player trading in the “Trade” section. Secondly, you can actively farm it by selling materials to other players with virtually no limitations. Read my guide on easy and fast ways to earn Gold in Undawn.


Gold should be spent wisely, especially if you are a free-to-play player. Personally, I almost always purchase epic equipment from other players with Gold, as it is more cost-effective than crafting it myself. Of course, in the late game, we will all be hunting for legendary items, so crafting will still be necessary. However, it is not relevant in the early stages of the game.


You can also use Gold to acquire many useful items in the “Market” and “Store” sections, including equipment crafting formulas, certain seeds for farming, and even Talent Points.

Camp Contribution

This currency is available to players who are part of a Camp. In Undawn, Camps are similar to clans or guilds where players gather. The main source of Camp Contribution is daily quests.


Camp Contribution is best spent on leveling up Camp Skills (EscSkillsdumbbell icon tab). You can also use it to purchase certain useful items and consumables in the MarketContribution Shop section.


Combat Points

Combat Points are a currency that can be obtained in PVP modes of the game, specifically Training Match, Aeronautical Base, and others. PVP modes and events become available from 12 noon and alternate throughout the night.


Combat Points can be spent in the MarketCombat section. The most useful item you can purchase with them is Raven Sigils, which are required to increase your title in the Road of Ravens and cannot be obtained through any other means.


Assist Points

Assist Points can be obtained by assisting players in completing Daily Special Ops, Weekly Special Ops, Stronghold Patrol, Outpost Commissions, Stronghold Challenges, and Capture events. To earn Assist Points, you must replay any of these modes after you have already received the one-time daily reward for completion. For example, by replaying The Lost City (EscSpecial Ops), you will receive 1000 Assist Points. You can obtain up to 20k Assist Points daily.


Assist Points can be spent in the MarketAssist section. Based on my experience, I believe the best items you can purchase with them are Tactical Gear and Repair Parts. However, the store also offers other quite useful items and resources.

Homestead Points

Homestead Points are used to purchase blueprints of unique decorations for your in-game home (EscMarketHomestead).


You can earn Homestead Points by growing flowers on your Farmland. To interact with the Farmland (F), go to the “Supplies Shop” section.

Supplies Shop

At the very end of the list of seeds available for sale under the “Homestead Cultivation” tab, you will find flower seeds. Purchase them and plant them on your Farmland. A detailed farming guide for Undawn has already been published on the website, so you can refer to it if you have any questions.

Flower seeds

Once the flowers have grown, harvest them. Then, select the harvested flowers in your inventory and click on “Swap to Homestead Points” in the context menu. The exchange rate is 1 flower = 11 Homestead Points.

Swap to Homestead Points

Exploration Points (Forest / Plains / Mines / Desert / Island)

Exploration Points are one of the most valuable currencies in the game. You can obtain Exploration Points by finding First Aid Boxes, Toolboxes, and Military Crates in the open world. These crates can be found in all major locations, including Redwood Forest and Central Plains. They are typically hidden near structures.


The crates can be located both inside buildings or on their rooftops, as well as in special basements, including those within any Stronghold territory. You are guaranteed to find one crate at the top of each Signal Tower. On the mini-map, the crates are marked with an orange icon depicting a chest.


The most valuable item you can spend Exploration Points on (EscMarketExploration Shop) is the Enhanced Syringe.


When used, this consumable permanently increases the character’s attributes (+3 Max HP, +2 damage, +2 skill strength).

Glory Points

Glory Points can only be obtained by leveling up the Battle Pass (EscPass).


You can spend this currency in the PassRedeem section, but only if you have purchased the Glory Pass. Therefore, it is useless for free-to-play players who haven’t acquired the Glory Pass.


Vehicle Vouchers

Vehicle Vouchers can be obtained from Supply Chests in the Store section. In the same Store section, you can use these vouchers to purchase various vehicles, such as racing cars.


Recycled Materials

Recycled Materials can be obtained by recycling materials using the Deconstruction Bench. For every 1 unit of recycled resource, you receive 33 Recycled Materials.


Based on my calculations, engaging in this process intentionally may not be advantageous. However, if you have an excess of any particular resource, you can convert a portion of it into Recycled Materials and purchase items such as Tactical Gear in the EscMarketRecycle section.

Ferrosilicon (Epic / Golden)

Recycled Materials can also be obtained by refining skill chip modules. In a recent guide on the Blockade mode, I explained how you can farm skill chip modules. Additionally, you can purchase skill chip modules from other players in the “Trade” section.


You can use Ferrosilicon to purchase Chip Component Chests in the MarketSpecial Skill: Ferrosilicon section.

Training Camp Points

To obtain this currency, you should team up with your roommate and participate in events, engage in House Share Training, and cultivate the Roommate Tree. Apart from the official description, I cannot provide any more specific information about this currency at the moment. You can earn up to 3000 Training Camp Points per day.


You can spend this currency in the MarketTraining Camp Shop section to purchase blueprints for home furniture, basic resources, and Tactical Gear.

Collector Points, Treasure Points, Special Collector Points

These currencies can be obtained by purchasing Supplies from the Lost Collection, Relic of the Past, or Special Furniture Collection in the StoreSupplies section using the donation currency RC.


You can spend the obtained points on purchasing various unique items in the EscMarketSupply Exchange section.


Bags with Gold are perhaps the most valuable and advantageous items available for purchase.

Journey Points

Excess experience points in Undawn are converted into Journey Points. This occurs when a character reaches the current server cap or is unable to level up for other reasons.


To spend Journey Points, open the inventory (B), click on “More Points,” locate Journey Points in the list, and click the “Use” button. You will be taken to a small shop where you can purchase several useful items.

Pet Trust Points

Currency can be obtained by raising pets (EscPet) and keeping them healthy and happy. You will receive Pet Trust Points for increasing the Friendship level with your pets. Additionally, twice a day, you will receive 300 Pet Trust Points for each active pet in your Homestead (sent to your in-game mailbox). Read a separate guide on pets in Undawn to learn how to acquire pets and their purpose.

Pet Trust Points shop

Pet Trust Points can be spent in the EscMarketPet section to purchase food and various pet rooms. Additionally, Pet Trust Points can be exchanged for silver (under the “Other” tab) at a 1-to-1 exchange rate.

Race Extravaganza Points

You can earn Race Extravaganza Points by participating in races. Special tracks with a unique yellow icon on the mini-map have appeared in many regions of Undawn. Note that different races require different vehicles.

Race Point

You can spend Race Extravaganza Points in the Market section (EscMarketRace Extravaganza Shop) to purchase gasoline, silver, and various materials.

Race Extravaganza Shop


This is all I know about the currencies in Undawn at the moment. The post will be updated as I delve deeper into the game. You can assist me by leaving a concise comment under this article. It will not only help the website but also benefit tens of thousands of its readers. Thank you for reading.

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