How to tame Damselfly in Smalland: Survive the Wilds

Damselfly in Smalland: Survive the Wilds

Damselfly is currently the only mount in the game that allows the player to ascend vertically. However, the flying abilities of the damselfly are greatly limited by its stamina. Once stamina runs out, the player will no longer be able to fly upwards or even straight, and will start to descend slowly. Stamina is consumed much faster than it is restored, so it is impossible to maintain a certain flight altitude for a long time.

The recipe for Damselfly Treat to tame a Damselfly is obtained after defeating the King Stag Beetle, the last available boss in the early access version of Smalland. The quest is given by Nok, who lives in the northwest, and the quest item must be taken to The Elder after completion, who lives in the center of the map.

How to craft Damselfly Treat

Unlike the others, Damselfly Treat is created not in a Cauldron but in a Stone Oven. To build it, you will need Stone Bricks (created on a Stonecutter) and Clay Mortars (created in a Windmill).

Stone Oven

To craft Damselfly Treat, you will need the following resources:

  • Firefly Juice (3 pieces) – obtained from Fireflies, which can mainly be found in the main game biome (oak forest) only at night. Bring a bow with you, as Fireflies are peaceful and will fly away from you if you attack them. Also, they usually hover at a relatively high altitude.
    Firefly at night
    In the darkness, you will find many glowing points, which, when approached, may turn out to be just a special effect. But some of these points are indeed Fireflies. Fortunately, they always appear in the same places. Several locations are marked on the map.
    Fireflies' locations
    In each of them, you will find 2 fireflies. Keep in mind that they hide during rain.
  • Petal (1 piece) – obtained from any flowers (e.g., from poppies).
  • Seed Oil (2 pieces) – created from Seeds on a Stonecutter. The Seeds themselves can also be obtained from flowers or, for example, from Rye.

Damselfly Treat

Where to find and how to tame a Damselfly

Damselflies in Smalland typically live near water. On the map below, 3 locations are marked where you can find Damselflies.

Damselflies on a map

You can also find additional locations of Damselflies (as well as fireflies) on the Smalland resource map, which features zooming capabilities.

The process of taming Damselflies is no different from taming other pets. First, you need to put a Damselfly Treat in your inventory (1 piece), then attack any damselfly and leave it with less than 50% health in battle (it is best to use a bow, but do not fully draw the string, otherwise you will simply kill the damselfly!).

Damselfly taming process

Then, when approaching the mob, the “Tame” option will appear. By choosing this option, the Damselfly Treat will disappear, and the Damselfly itself will become your pet.

Tamed damselfly

Remember that if the “Tame” option does not appear in the interaction dialog, it means the player has another active pet. You need to release it using the “Release” option. Only after that can you tame a new one. The game allows you to have only one active pet at a time.

How to heal a Damselfly

In order for your Damselfly to regain health, it needs to eat. You can feed any pet in Smalland simply by throwing food (with the note “Can feed creature“) on the ground and bringing the pet to it.

Damselfly feeding

After a few seconds, it will start eating. Food affects pets the same way as it does the character: the higher the quality, the more health is restored with each portion. When the pet fully restores its health, it will stop eating automatically.

What damselflies can do in Smalland

The greatest benefit of the Damselfly comes from its role as a mount since it allows vertical ascension (although not to a great height). This allows for more efficient movement throughout the world. It is worth noting that Damselflies cannot fly over water. If you don’t maintain altitude using Space or the Damselfly runs out of stamina, it will fall into the water along with the character on its back and drown.

Flying on a damselfly

The Damselfly will also attack the character’s enemies. However, like all other pets, it will be more of a hindrance than a help in this regard. No pet in Smalland becomes stronger after taming than it was before. That’s why it’s better to keep the Damselfly away from battles, using the “Stay” option in the interaction dialog.

If the player restarts the game (e.g., exits to the menu), their Damselfly will spawn at the respawn point (bed) along with them. Like all other mounts in the game, the Damselfly allows you to climb steeper surfaces (assuming movement without using its stamina) and does not take damage from falling from any height. However, you should be careful because if you accidentally dismount (F) from the Damselfly in mid-flight, the character will fall and get injured.

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