Ma’Shalled in RAID: Shadow Legends Ultimate Guide: Best Gear, Masteries, Skills, and Role in the Game

Ma'Shalled in RAID: Shadow Legends

Ma’Shalled is one of the most useful legendary champions in RAID. This hero can be successfully used in PVP, but its real purpose is definitely PVE. In particular, Ma’Shalled will be exceptionally awesome against waves of bots in any dungeon, the Doom Tower, or campaign. It is also amazing for beating the clan bosses: Demon Lord and Hydra.

You can get Ma’Shalled from ancient, void, or sacred shards. To increase your chances, wait for the appropriate x10 event.

Stats, Skills & Damage Multipliers

Ma’Shalled is a legendary champion from the Undead Hordes faction. Its affinity is magic. The most important features of Ma’Shalled are its massive [True Fear] debuff, 2 buffs for the entire team, one of the best auras for dungeons, and very high damage with its A3 skill.

    🟩 HP -17`835 (awesome)
    🟨 Attack – 1454 (normal)
    🟨 Defense – 936 (normal)
    🟩 Speed – 103 (good)
    🟨 Crit. Rate – 15% (standard)
    🟨 Crit. Damage – 63% (standard)
    🟨 Resist – 30 (normal)
    🟥 Accuracy – 0 (normal)


Ma'Shalled in RAID: Shadow Legends

Attacks 1 enemy. Heals this champion by 30% of the damage inflicted.
Will then attacks enemies under [Leech] debuff.

    ⭐ Damage based on [ATK]
    ⭐ Damage growth from books equals +40% per 5 pieces
    ⭐ Damage multiplier equals ~3.9 * ATK for the first hit an ~3.9 * ATK for the following hits

Pay Attention: Since Ma’Shalled first attacks one enemy and only then attacks the rest, his A1 attack does not count as an AOE. This means that any skills or artifact sets that reduce AOE damage will not work against Ma’Shalled’s A1 skill.


Ma'Shalled in RAID: Shadow Legends

Places a 30% [Increase SPD] and 30% [Increase C.DMG] buff on all allies for 2 turns.
Places a [True Fear] and a [Leech] debuff on all enemies for 2 turns.
Grants an Extra Turn.

    ⭐ The default cooldown is 4 turns
    ⭐ The cooldown reduction from skill tomes equals -1 turn for 1 piece

Open Wounds

Ma'Shalled in RAID: Shadow Legends

Attacks 1 enemy. Has an 80% chance of stealing all buffs from the target before attacking.
Places a 100% [Heal Reduction] debuff for 2 turns.
Also places two 15% [Continuous Heal] buffs on this champion for 3 turns.
Damage increases by 50% against targets that have no buffs.

    ⭐ Damage based on [ATK]
    ⭐ The default cooldown is 4 turns
    ⭐ Books will increase the chance of stealing buffs by +20% per 2 pieces
    ⭐ The cooldown reduction from skill tomes equals -1 turn for 1 piece
    ⭐ Damage multiplier equals ~6.6 * ATK * 1.5 (+50% if the target has no buffs)


Ma'Shalled in RAID: Shadow Legends

Increases Ally ATK in Dungeons by 34%.

    ⭐ This multiplier is based on the basic attack value of each ally it affects.

Choosing Equipment

The best equipment for Ma’Shalled is a combination of Savage and Cruel artifact sets. In total, the champion will ignore 30% of the target’s defense, which is the most important thing for a damage dealer.

Ma'Shalled in RAID: Shadow Legends

As you can see from the description of the hero’s skills, it requires accuracy to steal buffs and place debuffs on targets. If you want to use Ma’Shalled in the arenas, it requires a minimum of 300 accuracy to attack defense-oriented teams. You will be able to accelerate accuracy to 450 points, using the 50% [Increase ACC] buff, when it’s necessary.

High-level PVE content, like Doom Tower stages or the Hydra boss, will require about the same accuracy. If you have a 50% [Increase ACC] buff in your team, you can give Ma’Shalled less accuracy like me, which also applies to critical chance. Mine has a 70% crit. rate since I almost always have a 30% [Increase Crit.Rate] buff on my team.

Ma'Shalled in RAID: Shadow Legends

Your main focus should be on attack, crit. damage, and speed. But you shouldn’t forget about health and defense. Died champions don’t deal any damage. Remember that.


There are two options: Helmsmasher or Warmaster. Which one you need to use depends on your game stage and the goals that you are pursuing. Helmsmasher is unquestionably the best choice for PVP. In PVE, it will allow you to deal more damage to bots but less to bosses, while Warmaster is the opposite.

Ma'Shalled in RAID: Shadow Legends

It’s also critical to learn “Opportunist” because [True Fear] will almost always be on your enemies. You can also increase accuracy by using the support branch, but it’s a good option only in the early game. If you have epic, legendary equipment of 6*, you should use the defense branch. Pay special attention to the counterattack skills. Since Ma’Shalled can attack several targets with its A1, these skills will be very useful against bots.

Role in the Game & Effectiveness

Ma’Shalled is one of the most effective damage dealers anywhere there are waves of bots. 

Ma’Shalled is NOT recommended to use in:

    ⛔ Iron Twins Fortress

Ma’Shalled shows impressive results in:

    🟢 Dragon’s Lair (10 / 10),
    🟢 Fire Knight’s Castle (9 / 10),
    🟢 Minotaur’s Labyrinth (8 / 10),
    🟢 Arenas (7 / 10),
    🟢 Demon Lord clan boss (10 / 10),
    🟢 Hydra clan boss (9 / 10),
    🟢 Faction Wars (10 / 10),
    🟢 Campaign battles (8 / 10),
    🟢 Doom Tower stages and bosses (9 / 10),
    🟢 Sand Devil’s Necropolis (7 / 10).

Brutal & Nightmare Campaign (8 / 10)

Ma’Shalled can level food in 16 seconds on Stage 12-3 of the Brutal campaign. It’s very long, so it’s not recommended to use the champion in this way.

Ma'Shalled in RAID: Shadow Legends

As for the Nightmare difficulty, completing the same stage will take about 1 minute and 11 seconds, which is very long for leveling food but amazing if your goal is to complete the campaign at all.

Ma'Shalled in RAID: Shadow Legends

Dragon’s Lair (10 / 10)

Ma’Shalled is the best of the best here, and that’s all I can tell you. Of course, there are teams with Seer that can complete the 25th dragon in 30 seconds. But these teams are available only if your characters are equipped with overgear and you have certain champions.

Ma'Shalled in RAID: Shadow Legends

The main valuability of Ma’Shalled in the Dragon’s Lair lies in his massive A1 attack and massive [True Fear] (75% chance to lose a turn) on bots. I’ve tested it in a few teams for you.

As you can see, it’s pretty possible to farm the 25th dragon in about 1 minute and 30 seconds, using a classic team with Ma’Shalled. In addition, my best result of 1:20 was also reached with Ma’Shalled. Pay attention to the damage that Ma’Shalled deals each time.

Fire Knight’s Castle (9 / 10)

In the Fire Knight’s Castle, Ma’Shalled also shows an awesome result. Despite the fact its A1 skill is not multi-hit, it deals a lot of damage to bots, which speeds up the passage. I’ve tested Ma’Shaled on a few teams, and you can see results.

Pay attention, that Ma’Shalled has the Spirit affinity that is stronger than the Force one. That’s why it’s very effective on the 25th stage of the Fire Knight’s Castle.

Minotaur’s Labyrinth (8 / 10)

Minotaur’s Labyrinth is a pretty easy dungeon, but Ma’Shalled doesn’t show anything supernatural there. Its A2 skill has quite a long animation, and after that, it gets an extra turn, so my result was 51 seconds. It’s good, but there are many champions who can do the same thing much faster.

Ma'Shalled in RAID: Shadow Legends

Arenas (7 / 10)

The main value of Ma’Shalled in the arenas is its massive [True Fear] and non-AOE multi-target hit with A1. But, as I’ve mentioned above, it requires a high amount of accuracy (400+). In my case, I was using Archbishop Pinthroy to get a 50% [Increase ACC] buff.

Ma'Shalled in RAID: Shadow Legends

If we’re talking about the Platinum League, you won’t meet Ma’Shalled there. Just because it is more of a PVE champion than a PVP-oriented one. Anyway, here are some demonstration fights.

Demon Lord clan boss (10 / 10)

Ma’Shalled is among the best champions for beating the Demon Lord clan boss. But only if we’re talking about classic high-speed teams that can reveal the advantages of the champion. In unkillable teams, it is ineffective, unfortunately.

Ma'Shalled in RAID: Shadow Legends

The screenshot you can see above is about the effectiveness of Ma’Shalled in battles against the Demon Lord. I’ve already written how to create such a speed team in another article. But it should be stressed that the team is still not stable. The worst results begin at 54 million, and the default ones are 64-67. 

The Ma’Shalled’s role in this team is a [Leech] debuff, 30% [Increase SPD] and 30% [Increase Crit.DMG] for allies, and pretty high damage from its A3 skill.

Hydra clan boss (9 / 10)

Since my clan can beat only the second Hydra boss, I had no choice, so I beat it too in my test. As I’ve already mentioned above, my Ma’Shalled has a 70% crit. rate, and in this team I had no Crit. Rate buff, so the champion’s damage is not awesome.

Ma'Shalled in RAID: Shadow Legends

I can assure you that it did a lot for the team; in particular, it almost always counterattacked and stole buffs from the Head of Wrath. But of course, it isn’t Ninja, and it isn’t Gnishak…

Doom Tower stages and bosses (9 / 10)

Ma’Shalled is one of the most useful champions for passing Doom Tower stages, but it is hardly good for bosses. Due to the massive [True Fear] debuff on all enemies, it makes battles with bots much easier. They just lose their turns.

Unfortunately, unless Astranyx, there are no bosses where Ma’Shalled would be equally useful. How to beat Astranyx in RAID is explained in another tutorial.

Sand Devil’s Necropolis (7 / 10)

You will be surprised to learn that Ma’Shalled can level food on at least level 14 of Sand Devil’s Necropolis. Due to its extra turn, regeneration, and buffs, he confidently withstands the damage. I didn’t test it on higher stages yet. But I have no doubt that he will be able to survive even on the 18th floor. The question always lies in the equipment we have.

Ma'Shalled in RAID: Shadow Legends

Interesting Mechanics

  • Ma’Shalled A1 can hit all targets under [Leech] debuff, but this attack is not an AOE attack. Any skills, sets, or masteries that reduce incoming AOE damage won’t work against it.


In my personal opinion, Ma’Shalled is one of the best PVE champions in RAID: Shadow Legends. It is definitely worth books invested in it and will be very useful for both novice and experienced players.

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