32 Tips and Tricks for Beginners in Raid: Shadow Legends

RAID: Shadow Legends

Raid: Shadow Legends is one of the best online games out there, and its charm lies in its complexity. The game appears quite simple on the surface, but at the same time, it hides a multitude of interesting mechanics in which a new player can get lost within the first few minutes. I’ve been playing RAID for about 3 years, so I have plenty to share with you.

Raid: Shadow Legends

You must understand right away that RAID is vastly different from other gacha games. It’s not enough to have the best legendary hero because they are nothing without the right team, the right gear, the right masteries, and the right blessings. RAID is the art of choosing the right build for a hero and fully unlocking their potential in the most unexpected places. This is what this game is about, and this is what you’ll be doing most of the time.

I have dozens of tips for you that will significantly ease your gaming process and prevent serious mistakes.

Best Starter Champion – Kael

Raid: Shadow Legends

The main task for a beginner in Raid: Shadow Legends is to “farm food” as fast as possible. Ideally, your character should be

able to do this solo on levels 12-3 and 12-6 (Chapter 12 Brutal difficulty of the campaign, stage 3 or 6). And the main criterion for choosing a champion for this role is the speed of passing the stage. A well-dressed Kael can pass stage 12-3 in 13-14 seconds or even faster.

In addition, Kael has one of the highest AoE damages compared to other rare heroes, including Athel, Galek, and Elhain. But his main advantage is the presence of Poisons. Poisons deal damage based on the target’s maximum health. Therefore, Kael will be extremely useful in fights with the Clan Boss and the Dragon. I have dedicated a separate article to Kael on the site, where I explain in detail why he is the best choice for a beginner.

One 6-Star Hero is Better than Several 5-Star Heroes

Raid: Shadow Legends

One of the biggest mistakes newcomers make is creating several 5-star champions instead of a single 6-star champion. There’s a huge difference between level 50 and level 60 heroes. Just one additional star grants access to the last slot of masteries and significantly enhances a champion’s attributes.

So here’s my advice: focus your efforts on leveling up your starting Kael to 6 stars, and only then proceed to level up other heroes. This will accelerate your progress much more than a bunch of 5-star trash.

Farm Food Correctly

One of the main tips for beginners in RAID: Shadow Legends that I can give you is: learn how to farm food correctly. The best place to farm food is the 3rd and 6th stages of the 12th chapter of the campaign on Brutal difficulty. There, you will level up your secondary heroes quite a bit throughout the game. As mentioned above, the main criterion for choosing a champion for this role is the speed of passing the level. Kael can do this in 13-14 seconds, Bellower in 6-7, and Fellhound in 5. However, bear in mind that achieving such results requires high-level gear and fully opened masteries.

Raid: Shadow Legends

When farming food, make sure that XP Boost is active on your account. Never farm food without XP Boost, as it’s absolutely not worth it. If you actively participate in events and tournaments, your account will never run out of XP Boost. But if it does, you can always buy it in the shop for Gems.

Raid: Shadow Legends

Although it’s too early to think about it now, I should mention that in the future, you’ll be able to level up heroes in the Minotaur’s Labyrinth and other dungeons. This is a more advantageous way to gain experience as you also receive silver, artifacts, or mastery scrolls.

Raid: Shadow Legends

All you need is the right hero (or 2, or even 3) with the right build. The remaining slots can be filled with “food” or champions who need mastery scrolls (if we’re talking about the Minotaur).

Raid: Shadow Legends

Thus, your team will spend more time passing through the dungeon, but your energy will be spent more efficiently. As a beginner, you don’t need to think about this right now. But always keep it in mind and remember, this is what you should strive for in mid-game.

Purchase and Upgrade the Gem Mine to Level 3

At the very beginning of the game, new players receive a lot of Gems. Don’t waste them. This is really important if you plan on playing without buying in-game currency for real money. Understand that RAID is not a “one-day game”. If you get hooked on it, it will be for years.

Raid: Shadow Legends

A fully upgraded mine produces 15 Gems per day. You can also get an additional 20 Gems by completing all daily quests. In total, you can receive 35 Gems every day guaranteed (in reality, about 100, as there will also be tournaments, rewards from clan boss chests, Doom Tower, and many other activities). Full mine upgrade will cost you 1500 Gems, which gives us a payback period of 100 days.

It might seem like a long time to you, but trust me, guys, you will be playing RAID: Shadow Legends much longer. This game will completely consume you. So just take my word for it and buy the mine. You will thank me very soon.

Complete All Available Quests Every Day

This is obvious for this genre of game, but it’s worth mentioning. You should complete all the quests that are available to you every day. By doing this, you will receive daily, weekly, and monthly rewards, in particular, shards for summoning heroes (which are in great deficit for beginners).

Raid: Shadow Legends

Shards are the most important thing in this game because they can give you not only new strong heroes but also Legendary Skill Tomes, which are rewards for participating in summoning events and summoning tournaments.

Buy Masteries for Your Starting Hero with Gems

Generally, you should always farm mastery scrolls in the Minotaur’s Labyrinth, as this is the most profitable way to get them. But as a beginner, you won’t be able to fully take advantage of this method because you simply won’t be able to farm the 15th stage due to weak equipment.

Raid: Shadow Legends

That’s why you should buy mastery scrolls for your starting champion using gems. Fully unlocked masteries will make the hero much stronger and will make it easier to go through all the game content, so you can be sure that your resources will not be wasted.

Do NOT buy energy with Gems until you reach level 45

Raid: Shadow Legends

Energy is spent on battles in dungeons and other actions. It slowly regenerates if the energy storage is not full. Every time you level up your account, you slightly increase the maximum size of the energy storage, which can be up to 130 units. Until you reach this value, it is strongly not recommended to spend Gems on energy bottles in the shop, as this way you will get less energy than you could get in the future.

Keep your energy / keys / arena tokens storages empty

Raid: Shadow Legends

As you have already guessed, most resources in RAID: Shadow Legends regenerate passively. But they can only be restored if the storage of a certain resource is not full. Otherwise, the resource will stop regenerating, which will mean its loss and slowing down your progress in the game.

Raid: Shadow Legends

That’s why you should strive to keep all storages of regenerating resources empty. The only reason why exceeding the resource limit will not be a mistake is if you are preparing for some difficult event or fusion. But these things are not for beginners. If you have been playing RAID for less than 3 months, you don’t have to worry about it.

Use skill tomes correctly

This is one of the key tips for beginners. In RAID: Shadow Legends there are 3 levels of rarity of skill tomes: rare (blue), epic (purple) and legendary (orange). A tome of each rarity can be used to improve the skills of champions of the corresponding rarity or lower. But by no means do NOT spend skill tomes on improving the skills of heroes with lower rarity!

Raid: Shadow Legends

If you do this, it will be a big mistake, because the higher the rarity of skill tome, the harder it is to get. As you will see many times in the future, most champions, including the best of the best in the game, are completely useless without fully upgraded skills. So skill tomes should only be spent on upgrading skills of champions of the same rarity.

Complete missions and challenges

Raid: Shadow Legends

Every player in RAID has access to many missions and challenges that will lead them to rich rewards and free powerful champions. These are the main long-term tasks that you should focus on. It will take a lot of time, but it is definitely worth doing. After all, getting Arbiter becomes a new milestone in the development of free-to-play accounts.

Clear stage 20 of Dragon’s Lair as soon as possible

Dragon’s Lair is the easiest and most useful dungeon in the game, as here you can find artifacts from the most necessary sets for PVP and PVE: lifesteal, speed, accuracy, and others.

Raid: Shadow Legends

This dungeon should be your main goal in the beginning of the game, because 5-6-star artifacts of epic and legendary rarity with good additional parameters will make your champions much stronger. And the higher the level of Dragon’s Lair you can farm, the easier it will be to get them.

But, as mentioned above, you won’t be able to do this until you assemble the right team. The classic team for dragon usually looks like this.

  • AOE Damage Dealer for waves, who can quickly kill mobs on the way to the boss. This is your Kael.
  • Defense breaker, who can apply a powerful 60% Decrease Defense debuff on enemies. This is Warmaiden, who can be obtained in campaign battles.
  • Poisoner, who will apply 5% Poison debuffs on the Dragon. This is also your Kael.
  • Reviver, who can resurrect your champions if they die.
  • Some support hero who can heal allies, apply Increase Attack buff, shield buff, Decrease Attack buff or something like that to make your team stronger or increase its survivability.

But this does not necessarily mean that you have to follow exactly this scheme. By that time you will probably have more powerful champions, so you will be able to make a team like the one on the screenshot below.

Raid: Shadow Legends

In this team we have a lot of buffs, a lot of debuffs, good AoE damage, a lot of poisons, enough healing and reviving. The secret is to look at champions as a set of skills that you can draw from to fill in what your team lacks for victory.

Join a clan

Raid: Shadow Legends

Clans in RAID: Shadow Legends give players access to unique bosses: Demon Lord and Hydra. While Hydra is late-game content, Demon Lord is the main source of shards and skill tomes at any stage of the game. You should strive to farm Demon Lord on Ultra-Nightmare difficulty, as this will lead you to the best rewards.

Raid: Shadow Legends

You will also be able to participate in clan tournaments, complete clan tasks and buy items in the clan shop, which will significantly speed up your progress. Do not ignore clans. Join a clan as soon as you can.

Farm mastery scrolls in Minotaur’s Labyrinth

As soon as you are able to complete stage 15 of Minotaur’s Labyrinth, you should not spend gems on buying mastery scrolls.

Raid: Shadow Legends

Farming scrolls in battle is much more profitable in every way (except for time, of course).

  • First, you will earn silver for each dungeon run.
  • Second, you will spend less gems on getting mastery scrolls if instead of buying scrolls directly you use them to buy energy and farm the dungeon.
  • Third, you can skip two whole masteries from the 5th row and immediately take the key talent from the 6th (for example, Warmaster). This way, you will spend even less gems.
  • Fourth, the heroes in your team will gain experience for each run, which means that you will be able to farm mastery scrolls and simultaneously participate in events and tournaments, getting additional rewards.

As you can see, this is really profitable. You will have to spend some time on farming mastery scrolls, but the result is worth it. In addition, I will teach you how to use a legal autoclicker that will allow you to avoid boring routine.

Participate in events and tournaments

Events and tournaments are good sources of rewards. They do not require anything special, only standard in-game routine: leveling up heroes, farming artifacts, fighting on arenas and so on.

Raid: Shadow Legends

Gameplay of RAID: Shadow Legends is closely linked to completing events and tournaments, as you will get a lot of resources from there that will significantly speed up your progress. To get the final rewards, you can stock up on in-game currency (especially Gems) in advance. For example, in the event “Hero’s Path” you could get two Legendary Skill Tomes. Such events in RAID are not uncommon, so it is worth saving resources for them in advance.

Accumulate energy without losing anything

This is a simple tip on how to accumulate energy for events and tournaments without delaying its recovery. Almost every day every player can get a gift bottle of energy in the store. This bottle will be placed in your mailbox and can be stored there for 100 days, which means that you can use it at the right time in the future. At the same time your main energy will continue to recover, so you will not lose anything.

Raid: Shadow Legends

And of course, always stock up on gems, as they can be spent on energy at any time.

DO NOT focus on artifact sets

Many new players often try to equip as many artifact sets as possible on their champions, completely ignoring the additional characteristics of each specific item. Sets are a good thing, but in the early game it is not worth focusing on them (except for speed set, of course, if we are talking about fast supports for arenas).

Raid: Shadow Legends

When equipping a champion your main goal should be to increase his specific characteristics. This can be achieved with the help of additional characteristics of artifacts. In addition, there is a special program for selecting the best artifact setup for your heroes (we will talk about it later). It is also absolutely legal and developed by a popular YouTube blogger.

DO NOT attempt to obtain specific artifacts in dungeons

This advice logically stems from the previous one. If you attempt to get a particular artifact in a dungeon, you are likely to face disappointment quite soon. The reason is that your chances of obtaining it are extremely low. Let’s consider an example.

Suppose you want to get 6* legendary gauntlets from the “Retaliation” set, where critical damage is the primary characteristic, and speed is one of the secondary ones. You can obtain 9 sets from the Ice Golem’s Peak, so your chance to get an artifact from the Retaliation set is 1/9, right? 🤨

Raid: Shadow Legends

As there are six types of artifacts in the game, your chances of getting exactly the gauntlets are 1/54 (1/9/6). But, in RAID, gauntlets can have up to 8 different primary characteristics (ATK+, ATK%, DEF+, DEF%, HP+, HP%, Crit. rate%, Crit. dmg%). This means that you need to divide your chances again by 8: 1/9/6/8 = 1/432 = 0.002%. Do you still want to give it a shot?

If yes, you should consider that, according to unofficial player statistics, the chance of getting a 6* legendary artifact at the 25th dungeon stage is about 2%. Furthermore, gauntlets can have up to 11 additional parameters, so the chance to get speed from one of them is roughly 1/4 (simplified). So, in total, we get the desired artifact with a chance of 1/9/6/8/50/4 = 1/86400 (!). When I tried to convert this chance to decimal, my calculator left the chat 😄.

Raid: Shadow Legends

I hope now you understand how valuable each legendary item (not to mention mythical ones) with the right characteristics is. Use them wisely, guys.

Do not upgrade trash artifacts and accessories

It’s no secret that not all artifacts in the game are equally good. The best items usually have the main parameter in percentages if we talk about boots, gauntlets, or chestplates. Otherwise, additional characteristics play the main role, among which speed, critical hit chance, accuracy, and others are especially valuable, depending on what exactly is needed for a specific champion.

Raid: Shadow Legends

So, my advice to you: do not waste your precious silver on upgrading junk. Spend some time to learn how to properly outfit your champions. This will significantly speed up your progress in the game and help you avoid unnecessary expenses. The advice is relevant for midgame and above.

DO NOT mindlessly “feed” rare champions

As a general rule, the rarity of a hero in RAID determines their power, but there are unique rare champions that are sometimes considerably more useful than most heroes of the same rarity and can even outshine some legendary ones. Examples include Coldheart, Pain Keeper, Paragon, Diabolist, Fellhound, Apothecary, and others. I have compiled a comprehensive selection of the best rare champions in RAID: Shadow Legends and invite all beginners to explore it.

Raid: Shadow Legends

Some of these exceptional heroes are so rare that they may not appear for years. One player may receive Coldheart on the first day, while another may not get it for 9 months (or even 2 years, like yours truly). Therefore, as a beginner, you should not immediately expend rare champions on upgrading another hero. Before doing this, investigate each specific champion to determine whether they will assist you somewhere in the future or not. Some heroes, such as Coldheart, will be beneficial even in multiple instances and can dramatically accelerate your progress, so be very cautious.

DO NOT store souls of trash heroes

Souls are valuable items in RAID as they unlock additional characteristics and unique blessings for champions. The higher the soul’s level, the stronger the hero will be. If you accidentally receive a high-level soul of a good champion that you do not yet have in your collection, definitely save it for the future.

Raid: Shadow Legends

However, this does not mean that you should keep all the souls you receive. Most rare and epic heroes in RAID are quite weak, and even the best 6* souls will not change this fact. Over time, you will learn which champions are genuinely worth your efforts and resources. But as a beginner, you should read guides on websites and watch bloggers on YouTube. This way, you will learn faster.

Buy the right upgrades in Great Hall

Upgrades in the Great Hall fall into 2 types:

  • Affinity Bonuses give a permanent addition to the parameters of a hero of a certain affinity.
  • Area Bonuses give an addition to the parameters of all heroes but only in specific locations.

There are three main strategies for developing Affinity Bonuses.

  • While you’re a beginner, it’s worth improving the attack characteristics of your main hero, Kael, who has magic affinity. This will help you progress faster in the early stages of the game.
  • Then, in the mid-game, you can evenly improve the characteristics of heroes of each affinity for some time.
  • And finally, in the late game, you will most likely want to improve some specific parameters to their limit, particularly Accuracy and Critical Damage.


RAID, Great Hall

This is related not only to the basic needs at each specific stage of the game but also to the league of the classic Arena in which you are, which determines what types of medals you will receive in battles. You don’t have to take this advice as a hard rule. But remember, arena medals are quite hard to get, so before spending them, it’s sensible to think well about what a specific upgrade will give you right now.

RAID, Great Hall

As for Area Bonuses, you should primarily focus on increasing the characteristics of your heroes in battles against the Demon Lord clan boss and dungeon bosses with whom you have problems. For example, if you find it hard to fight the Fire Knight’s Caster, you should increase the characteristics of the heroes in this location. To earn Arena Crests, you will have to fight in the Live Arena against live players in real-time. I wrote a comprehensive guide on how to win on the Live Arena in RAID: Shadow Legends. Even a relative novice can achieve some success using the techniques described in it.

Define goals and tasks for a champion before choosing their gear

I don’t want to state the obvious, but I must say that before choosing gear for a hero or even starting to level them up, you need to understand what exactly you need this champion for. This is indeed important because to make a 6-star hero usable, you will have to spend a lot of effort, a lot of time, a dozen or so precious skill tomes, and millions of silver for artifact enhancements.

Raid: Shadow Legends

For this reason, you should have a clear goal. Before leveling up the next champion, you should clearly tell yourself: “I am going to level up this champion for Hydra / Dragon / classic Arena defense / for other reasons“. If you start leveling up a hero without understanding at least a few of his possible assignments, it will always be a waste of resources. As I have said repeatedly, heroes in RAID are nothing if they are not used as intended.

Study the boss’s skills before launching an attack

The principle described above can easily be extrapolated to bosses. Many players don’t want to think at all, preferring instead to create a team of random epic/legendary champions and then sincerely wonder why it doesn’t work. I have to disappoint casual players again: there’s no room in RAID for randomly assembled teams.

Raid: Shadow Legends

Even if you have the best champions with the best artifacts in the game, high-level bosses will be unbeatable until you find their weaknesses and create the right team of heroes with the right builds. So, before rushing into battle with your visor down, I advise you to spend some time reading the descriptions of the boss’s skills that you want to defeat. If you can’t find his weak spot on your own, try searching for help on YouTube. In any case, remember: think a little first, then lower your visor 👌.

Create a Classic Arena Team

As you already know, the Classic Arena in RAID is important because of Arena Medals, which are necessary for improvements in the Great Hall. There are different tactics in Arena combat, but the main one is the Speed Team.

Creating such a team is quite easy. You will need two turn-meter filling heroes, an armor breaker, and an AOE (Area of Effect) damage dealer. Then, you should adjust the speed of each hero so that the opponent’s champions do not get a turn during your “combo”. Let’s consider an example.

Raid: Shadow Legends

I won’t go into detail because that would turn this advice into a long article. Especially since I have already written in detail in a separate guide on Classic Arena Battles in RAID: Shadow Legends. So let’s just go through the basics.

The main thing you need to know is that speed aura bonuses depend only on the base speed of the hero they are applied to, and Increase Speed buffs are not equivalent to filling the turn meter.

Raid: Shadow Legends

Let’s say we have High Khatun with a 19% speed aura, a base speed of 104, and a total speed of 269. Then the real speed of the hero in battle will be 104 * 1.19 (aura) + 159 (artifacts) = 283. This means that if Khatun has the highest speed among other champions, including enemies, she will go first.

Raid: Shadow Legends

Now let’s look at Khatun’s “Rally the Horde” ability. It fills all allies’ turn meter by 15%.

Our goal is to make the second champion with turn-meter filling ability get his turn right after Khatun. Considering that the speed of the first champion is 283, the speed of the second champion should be 283 / 1.15 (15% turn meter) = 246. But this is the necessary speed, including the bonus from Khatun’s aura (19%). So we can either use this speed, thus having a margin, or calculate the speed more accurately.

Raid: Shadow Legends

To calculate the required speed with accuracy to the unit and not to lose the initiative of the first move, we use the following formula (I chose Mordecai as an example): 246 (required speed considering the aura) – (100 (base speed Mordecai) * 0.19 (19% bonus from Khatun’s aura)) = 227 units. This is the minimum speed a champion should have.

Mordecai also fills the turn meter of all allies, so the speed required for the next two champions can be calculated in the same way. Now let’s look at an example of a battle!

Raid: Shadow Legends

In this battle, we are faster than the enemy. However, as you can see, Lilitu’s turn meter is filled more than Mordecai’s. Luckily, since we correctly calculated the speed, she has no chance to move before Mordecai.

Raid: Shadow Legends

Ruel gets the next turn in my team. He applies a 50% Increase Accuracy buff to allies and a Hex debuff to all enemies.

Raid: Shadow Legends

Having gained accuracy, Gurgoh freezes all enemies, and they lose a turn. Also, they lose immunity to critical hits, which is provided by accessories from the Reaction set (available in clan tournaments).

Raid: Shadow Legends

Ruel deals his double AOE attack, and all enemies die instantly.

Raid: Shadow Legends

Raid: Shadow Legends

Since you’re a beginner, you can use Warmaiden and Kael instead of Ruel and Gurgoh. The main principle is not to let the enemy team make a move before yours. And if you think all THIS is “complicated”, then this game will surprise you dozens of times over, guys.

Actively Use RAID Hero Bases

There are several RAID: Shadow Legends champion databases with their damage coefficients from abilities, sorting by buffs/debuffs, and other features. My favorite database is raid.guide. It’s quite easy to use.

Raid: Shadow Legends database

You can enable filters by rarity, affinity, or something else, and find the champion you’re interested in.

Raid: Shadow Legends database filters

Then, on the champion’s page, you will find damage formulas for each of their skills and other useful information.

Raid: Shadow Legends database

It’s very convenient when you need to find champions with specific buffs or compare their damage. And no, this isn’t advertising, because no one pays me for this (unfortunately 😀). This database is really cool, and I use it all the time.

Use a Program to Select Artifacts for Your Champions

The next website we will look at is hellhades.com. Hell Hades is one of the most popular RAID bloggers. His website and Artifact Optimiser program quickly gained popularity among players.

Unfortunately, the program only works on PC. As far as I know, it does not interact with the Raid client, so it’s fully legal. The developers at Plarium know about this program and do not prevent players from using it.

Artifact Optimiser

First, you need to register on Hell Hades’ website, download the latest version of Artifact Optimiser, and install it on your computer. After launching the application, click the “Upload to Website” button. The web interface of the application will open in your browser.

Artifact Optimiser

Here you can select any champion from your account and indicate the necessary stats for them. You can also configure the sets that will be used for your build. There are many options. I think you will figure it out easily.

Artifact Optimiser

Click the “Optimize” button and wait a bit while the program tries to create a suitable build from the artifacts and accessories available in your account. After that, you can choose one of the proposed build options.

Artifact Optimiser

You’ll have to dress your characters manually, as, as mentioned above, the program does not interfere with the operation of the game client, but only parses data.

Artifact Optimiser

Use Auto Clickers for Auto Farming

You’ll be surprised, but this is also completely legal! The developers also know about this and other similar programs and allow players to use them. The program I want to talk about is called RSL Helper and can be downloaded from GitHub.

RSL Helper

This is just an amazing application! With RSL Helper, you will be able to automatically farm and sell artifacts in dungeons, fine-tuning the auto-selling parameters, automatically level up characters in campaign battles, and even count opened shards to know when a legendary or epic hero is guaranteed to appear.

RSL Helper

Just specify the path to PlariumPlay.exe and the program will work. But keep in mind that after updating RAID, the program may not start for a few days because the author needs some time to update it. When the latest version is available, run the updater in the program directory.

RSL Helper updater

If you need something simpler, you can use the free BlueStacks emulator, which has a basic auto clicker built in. I wrote a separate guide on how to set up the BlueStacks auto clicker for RAID: Shadow Legends. I recommend getting acquainted with it.

Use Online Calculators to Build an Effective Team Against the Demon Lord Clan Boss

Demon Lord is the main clan boss who gives players a lot of valuable resources every day. You need to learn how to deal as much damage as possible to him at Nightmare and Ultra-Nightmare difficulty levels. Let me remind you once again that Demon Lord is the main source of shards, skill tomes, and gems in the game.

RAID: Shadow Legends

The problem is that for dealing high damage, your champions need to timely protect each other with protective buffs. DeadwoodJedi’s clan boss calculator can be used to calculate champion speeds so they can apply protective buffs to allies before each boss attack.

Clan boss calculator

Creating an effective team against the clan boss is the most difficult mechanic in RAID: Shadow Legends. So, as a beginner, you should deal with it gradually. I published a large guide on the Demon Lord clan boss, in which I talk about the team I personally use. From this guide, you will learn about all the main mechanics of Demon Lord and techniques that will allow you to deal significantly more damage.

Save In-Game Resources for Clan Tournaments

Every two weeks, a clan tournament with very pleasant rewards takes place in RAID: Shadow Legends. Experienced players always save resources to spend them on tournament days.

RAID: Shadow Legends clan tournament

To earn a lot of tournament points, you can stock up on the following resources:

  • Shards
    RAID: Shadow Legends
  • Arena Medals for the Great Hall
    RAID: Shadow Legends
  • Skill Tomes
    RAID: Shadow Legends
  • Food
    RAID: Shadow Legends
  • Silver and Gems, energy bottles and more.
    RAID: Shadow Legends

This way, you’ll easily get 150-250k points and all available tournament rewards. The rewards are quite good, especially when individual rewards are added to the total ones (individual rewards can only be received in case of clan victory in the tournament).

DO NOT Ignore Doom Tower and Hydra Boss!

Doom Tower is a very important game mode because it provides very valuable rewards on the upper floors. Some players treat Doom Tower as something extra that can be skipped. But it’s one of the main sources of shards, skill tomes, food, gems, and even unique champions that can only be obtained by passing secret rooms.

RAID: Shadow Legends

In addition, Doom Tower is the only source of materials for creating unique artifact sets such as “Guardian“, “Fortitude“, “Lethal“, and others. That’s why you should go through the Doom Tower stages every day.

RAID: Shadow Legends

As for the Hydra boss, it is the only source of unique artifact sets: “Protection” and “Stone Skin“. It’s also a good source of soulstones, clan experience, and clan gold.

RAID: Shadow Legends

And, of course, by defeating the Hydra, each player can collect Mithrala Lifebane fragments. Mithrala is one of the best unique heroes, useful at any stage of the game.

RAID: Shadow Legends

So if you want to progress faster in RAID: Shadow Legends, you should start farming Hydra as soon as possible. The rewards are certainly worth the effort.

Save Resources for Fusions in Advance

Champion fusions are quite frequent events in the game, and this collection of tips and tricks for beginners in RAID: Shadow Legends would not be complete if I did not mention them. Fusions are held almost every month. Some heroes are crafted from fragments, some from other champions. But both fragments and champions can be obtained by participating in events and tournaments.

RAID: Shadow Legends

Beginners often complain that they can’t complete the fusion due to a lack of shards, energy, gems, or something else. If you want to prevent such problems and simplify any fusion, start preparing in advance.

As a rule, the main problem for beginners is precisely the lack of shards for earning points in summoning heroes events/tournaments, so first of all, you should accumulate them. Each shard will give you a certain number of points in the event:

  • Sacred = 500 points,
  • Void = 120 points,
  • Ancient = 20 points,
  • Mystery = 1 point.

You need to accumulate at least 10-12k points in the form of shards to be confident that you will be able to pass two such events at once.

RAID: Shadow Legends

This is especially important before the New Year, as developers often prepare special particularly strong champions for this holiday (Pyxniel is somewhere laughing loudly right now 😀). If you start accumulating resources a month before this, you will easily get a legendary hero, even if you are a relative beginner.

Ask for Help from the Community

Finally, if you are having trouble with the game, you can always ask the RAID community for help. For this, visit the official forum. There are many experienced players there who will be happy to help you. However, be polite and remember that they are helping you of their own accord.

RAID: Shadow Legends

That’s all. Please visit our website as often as possible for new RAID: Shadow Legends guides, and if you have anything to add, feel free to leave comments. As the developers at Plarium say, happy raiding! And thank you for reading 😎.

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