Undawn Camp Guide: Everything you need to know


The Camp in Undawn is the equivalent of “clans” or “guilds” in traditional MMORPGs. It can accommodate up to 100 members. Joining a Camp is one of the most important aspects of gameplay, as it involves numerous camp events, including PvP, with highly valuable rewards. Additionally, you’ll easily find comrades for cooperative play and communication. In this guide, I will provide a detailed explanation of what a Camp is in Undawn, how to choose one, the benefits it offers, and why they are so crucial.

The Purpose of a Camp

Truth be told, I’m quite an unsocial type. Moreover, I couldn’t even imagine actively interacting with people from other countries in English (just a reminder, I’m Ukrainian, and my English is quite poor). However, I was fortunate to end up in a great camp, and over time, I began actively communicating with these wonderful folks. We don’t have toxic players, but we have plenty of jokesters who create new memes every day. Honestly, I don’t even know if I would continue playing Undawn if it weren’t for the Camp.


If you’re introverted (or think you are), there are many tangible and practical advantages to joining a Camp.

  • Camp Training: By completing daily and weekly camp quests, as well as participating in camp events, you’ll earn Camp Contribution. The primary purpose of this currency is to enhance special talents in the SkillsCamp Training section. These talents significantly impact your player’s strength, and you can’t develop them without being part of a camp.
  • Evening Events: Every day in Undawn, there are evening events for Camps. These include both massive PvE boss raids and PvP clan battles on Radiation Island. Personally, I’m thrilled by large-scale clan shootouts, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy them too. The key is that you’ll earn numerous valuable rewards, including materials for character development.
  • Additional Rewards: Joining a camp also grants access to several minor daily tasks and events that will bring you valuable rewards. For instance, you can visit your Camp’s Dining Hall twice a day to have a free meal, receive useful buffs, and some gifts.
  • Camp Homestead: You’ll be able to replicate your Homestead in the Camp Area to a more scenic location.

Being part of a Camp comes with other benefits as well. I’ll delve into all of this in more detail further on.

How to Choose a Camp

When selecting a Camp, it’s essential to consider your current level of progress and your degree of interest in the game. Joining one of the top Camps requires a corresponding level of activity: daily completion of all quests, participation in clan events, and active character development.

Additionally, be aware that some Camps, due to their excessive desire for dominance, can become “toxic.” Over time, they attract the strongest players who may view newcomers with coldness and arrogance.


If you’re an active player, I invite you to join the “Outlaws” camp (old name “Z | Busters”), to which I belong. You can easily find it in the top-ranked list by accessing EscCamp. We don’t have toxic players; there’s a friendly atmosphere and primarily an adult community. Our most active players, including myself, almost always assist each other with quest completion.

Undawn, our Camp

All that’s required of you in return is to be active, complete your daily tasks from the Schedule section, and respect other players. The camp is composed of numerous wonderful individuals from various countries around the world, including Spain, Serbia, Iran, Ukraine, and others. No one will ever judge you for “insufficient strength,” but they will always help if you ask. Also, don’t hesitate to communicate in the camp chat. This way, you’ll quickly find companions and like-minded players.

How Camp Works

Upon joining a Camp in Undawn, you gain access to the Camp Area. This is where camp members can place their homes.


Within the Camp Area region, there’s Noah’s Park (something like a mini-town) where you can find various NPCs. Some of them give daily quests, while others serve specific functions.


How to Relocate Your Homestead into the Camp Area

  1. Open EscCampBuildingsChamberDevelop or simply speak to NPC Elisa (Chamber Secretary) in Noah’s Park.
  2. Choose the area where you’d like to relocate your Homestead and press “Quick Relocate.”


Note that you can’t place your Homestead in all areas. Some areas require Camp Medals. As far as I understand, these are awarded at the camp leadership’s discretion.

Infiltration and Homestead Defense

In Noah’s Park, there’s also NPC Dave Conner, who gives a mission for infiltrating another camp. As of the time of writing this guide, the mission is entirely pointless, as the costs outweigh the reward you ultimately receive.


The essence of the mission involves infiltrating another camp’s territory in one of its players’ homesteads, where you must find and destroy the Territory Locker (black safe) and then evacuate from a special point on the map using a helicopter. The mission can be completed once a day. A separate guide for Camp Infiltration in Undawn is already published on the website.


Other players can also raid your camp, but this doesn’t have any significant negative consequences. Nonetheless, you can symbolically defend your home using traps and turrets purchased with Camp Contribution. It’s worth noting that Camp Contribution is an extremely valuable currency, and it’s best to prioritize spending it on developing talents from the Camp Training section.

Useful Features of Camp

Camp offers numerous beneficial features that will reward you with valuable items and expedite your progress.

  • Camp Training: By earning Camp Contribution currency through daily tasks, you can enhance perks in the EscSkillsCamp Training section. These perks are crucial as they significantly boost your character’s strength.
  • Camp Dining Hall: In the EscCampBuildingsDining Hall section, you can purchase recipes and various ingredients for dishes at a much lower cost than their actual value. Moreover, some ingredients become available earlier than through other means. For example, even before reaching level 70, you can buy Dragon Fruits and create food with a 6% Critical Hit.
  • Camp Supplies: Every day, random camp members receive airdrops that they can share with three other players. Airdrops contain useful resources for character development. The best part is you don’t need to complete any tasks – simply come and collect.
  • Dining Hall Buff: Twice a day, at specific times, you can visit the Dining Hall to have a meal and receive a special 2-hour buff. During this time, your character’s Hunger and Health will decrease much more slowly (in my case, by 26%). Each visit also grants a gift box containing useful items for character development.
  • Evening Events: Participating in evening events yields numerous additional rewards. Immediately after the Bonfire Party, you can engage in two events with fellow camp members. These events include both PvE and PvP battles. Try not to miss these events, as they nearly double your character’s development speed!

Tip for you!

After the Bonfire Party, talk to Trey Jones (the character resembling Will Smith) standing right there on the beach. He will grant you a temporary buff that increases your damage in PvE. This will make you more effective in evening events.

The main advantage of a camp is its members. Be sociable, polite, help others, actively engage in camp life, and you’ll quickly find companions! Playing together is much more enjoyable (I still can’t believe I, a complete misanthrope, am saying this).

How to Complete the Quest “Attack on Radiation Island”

No matter which camp you join, you should always complete this quest, as it helps your camp grow. For newcomers, this quest may be confusing, so I’ve decided to explain in detail how to complete it.

  1. Open the “Schedule” section, find the quest “Attack on Radiation Island,” and press “Go.”
  2. In the interface that opens, press “Go to Radiation Island.”
  3. You’ll find yourself near Camp Dock in the Camp Area region.
  4. Use NPC Thomas to travel to Radiation Island.
  5. In the quest window under the “Events” tab, you’ll have the “Outer Island Commission” task, where you need to accumulate 500 activity points. There are several ways to earn these points.
  6. In the northern part of the island, there’s a building where you can heal NPC The Wounded and earn 100 points.
  7. In the same building, there’s a Small Generator that you can activate for another 100 points.
  8. In the western part of the island, there’s a Communicator that you can repair for an additional 100 points.
  9. In the southern part of the island, near the wreckage of a boat, you can retrieve Damaged Parts lying on the ground. They quickly respawn after being picked up. Each Damaged Part will grant you 10 points.
  10. In the southwest part of the island, right on the shore, many zombies roam. Killing them earns you 20 points each.

In the end, it will take you a maximum of 2-3 minutes to accumulate 500 points. In reward, you’ll receive a bit of silver and several Carbide Silicone Parts to strengthen your character. Additionally, you’ll greatly assist your camp by completing this task.


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask them in the comments. I’ll do my best to help you within my knowledge, and for what I don’t know, I’ll consult experienced players from our wonderful “Outlaws” camp, to which I urge you to join as soon as possible. Remember, you can also help tens of thousands of other website readers by leaving a concise comment with some useful information on the topic!

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