Undawn Donate Guide: What to Buy for Maximum Profit?

Undawn supply cards

The goal of this small guide is to help newcomers to Undawn spend their money wisely, especially if your resources are limited like mine. I’ve been playing Undawn since its launch, and I’m ready to share some tips on what’s worth buying for maximum benefit.

Weekly and Monthly Supply Cards

These are purchased in the PerksSupply Cards section.

  • Weekly Supply Card ($3.49) – 2400 Coupons/day + 180 RC as a one-time purchase bonus. In total, you’ll get 16800 Coupons per week.
  • Monthly Supply Card ($11.99) – 1200 Coupons/day + 300 RC as a one-time purchase bonus. In total, you’ll get 36000 Coupons per month.

Supply Cards are important because they provide two of the most crucial currencies: RC and Coupons. Read on to find out how to spend them wisely.

Undawn donate

If your resources are highly limited and you can only afford one, I recommend purchasing the Weekly Supply Cards.

Survival (Glory) Pass

The Survival Pass is a profitable investment that yields benefits over time. However, you’ll get a significant amount of additional resources for character development at a relatively low cost (around $11).

The Glory Pass reward chain includes:

  • Unique Outfits of the current season,
  • RC,
  • Silver,
  • Talent Points,
  • Silicon Carbide Particles (Lv. 1),
  • Accessory Blueprints (Lv. 1),
  • Ionic Membrane,
  • Glory Packs (containers with random resources from the list),
  • Armor Plate Supply Crates,
  • Glory Points (around 2500 in total).

The Survival Pass always includes a shop where you can spend Glory Points on various items to develop your character. This significantly boosts your progress in the game.

Undawn donate

My typical donation consists of Supply Cards and Survival Pass. This allows me to comfortably play Undawn and enjoy top content.

Super Value Pack (Daily Limit)

The Super Value Pack is available for purchase in the Perks section. It’s a profitable investment, but it can be quite expensive for the average player.

Undawn donate

It’s recommended for those who don’t face financial difficulties and are willing to spend money on Undawn regularly and enjoy it. It’s best to purchase all three packs together as you’ll get an additional 17% discount.

Limited Offers

Developers often offer very advantageous ways to invest money and RC. For example, at the time of writing this guide, there’s an offer where you can get 2670 RC for just $11.99, which is a great deal (if you buy without the offer, 2375 RC would cost $47.99).

Undawn donate

Another example is the “Limited Edition 7-Day Pack.” I don’t exactly remember how much I paid for it (maybe 60 or 80 RC), but as you can see, the offered items are definitely worth these investments.

Undawn donate

Always keep an eye on available offers.

How to Spend RC / Coupons / Glory Points?

The most important thing is to spend the in-game currencies you get through donations wisely. Here are my recommendations.

Items you need the most:

  1. Accessory Blueprints (Lv. 1). This is the most important resource in the game, allowing you to enhance your weapon accessories significantly. Always strive to buy/acquire Accessory Blueprints by all available means. Learn more about using Accessory Blueprints in a separate guide on character development in Undawn.
    Undawn donate
  2. Rare Metal. This resource enables you to earn a significant amount of Gold through crafting “legendary” and “epic” weapons, as I’ve detailed in a separate guide. Currently, this is the most profitable (though somewhat time-consuming) way to farm Gold in the game. That’s why you should aim to obtain Rare Metal through all available means.
    Undawn donate
  3. Silicon Carbide Particles. This resource is used for polishing weapons and character equipment. Polishing is one of the most important ways to strengthen your hero in the game. To understand why this is important, I recommend reading the character development guide and the character attribute guide in Undawn, especially about the damage formula.
    Undawn donate
  4. Camp Contribution. It’s worth buying only if you have a surplus of Silver and a deficit of Camp Contribution (which is mainly the case at certain stages of the game; usually, it’s the opposite). This currency is used for developing skills in the Camp Training section.
    Undawn donate

All other resources in the game (at least at the time of writing this guide) are not worth spending RC, Coupons, or Glory Points on, as they are either in surplus (like Reinforcement Coatings) or provide too insignificant improvements to attributes (like Armor Plates). Buying them with these currencies only makes sense if you lack a few units of a resource for an upgrade, or if you’ve reached the limit for purchasing more critical resources (for example, in the Glory Points store).

Best Purchases with Coupons

You can spend your Coupons in the TradeMerchant Guild section.

  • First and foremost, always buy all 15 units of Accessory Blueprints (Lv. 1).
  • Secondly, purchase Silicon Carbide Particles for Polishing.

Undawn donate

In some cases, you can buy a few Armor Plates. Save Coupons for buying Accessory Blueprints. This is crucial for your progress.

Best Purchases with RC

  • Always buy 30 Rare Metal for 60 RC and all available Accessory Blueprint Crates for 2-3 RC each in the StoreGreat ValueGrowth Materials section.
    Undawn donate
  • Aim to buy Rare Raven Packs (which contain 10 Armor Plate Supply Crates and 6 Accessory Blueprints (Lv. 1)) in the StoreGreat ValueWeekly Deals section.
    Undawn donate
  • If you’ve reached the limit for purchasing the aforementioned resources but still have RC, consider spending them on Elite Raven Packs and Raven Rookie Packs. This will provide you with additional Silver and Silicon Carbide Particles for Polishing.
    Undawn donate

If your donation is severely limited, like mine, I don’t recommend spending RC on anything else.

Best Purchases with Glory Points

Purchases with Glory Points are available in the PassRedeem section only for holders of the paid Survival Pass. The assortment of available items may change from season to season, but the priorities remain the same:

  1. First and foremost, buy Accessory Blueprints;
  2. Secondly, purchase Silicon Carbide Particles and Silver;
  3. After reaching the purchase limit for the above-mentioned items, buy Glory Packs.

Undawn donate

Of course, the store has other items you can spend Glory Points on, but you should only do so when there’s a direct need. Try to spend Glory Points on things that are hard or impossible to obtain through other means. For instance, resources for character gene development can be purchased in the Store for Gold, so spending Glory Points on them isn’t the best idea.


Undawn is heavily dependent on donations, and you’ll always lag behind other players if you don’t spend money on it. However, I can assure you with 100% confidence that you can enjoy top content, including PvP, even as a completely free-to-play player. It’s more challenging and less enjoyable, but by no means “impossible.” Learn the game mechanics, develop your gaming skills, and never, never, never give up 🤟.

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  • Andrea

    This game seems like “fairly” pay to win, that means you don’t need spending hundreds of euro to be competitive and enjoy, but at same you must buy (wisely) something. Without donations levelling is just to slow and frustrating compared to old players power, and moreover heavy buyers. 

    The question is if one day buy won’t be necessary, enhancement seems have limits , same should be for polishing accessory and other ways to boost character.

    If it is like that, at the end we could say the game us not free but it costs X euro  50, 100 idk ) to be playable. That is already a lot but for an high quality game could have sense. 

    But developers should remove queque limits for strongholds and PvP matches too. Bots to fullfill lack of players are  predictable weak and finally ridicolous boring 

  • Step Mom
    Step Mom

    Oh my! I had an inquiry about this just yesterday, and now there is one post here that contains everything I want to know regarding in-game spending. Hats off, master.

    It’s been 5 days since I started this game, and I am currently at level 69. I’m still trying to learn the technical aspects and resources of the game. This article will help me a lot.

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