Undawn Character Enhancement Guide: How to Get Stronger


In Undawn, there are many ways to enhance your character. In this guide, I will provide detailed information on each of these methods. You will learn about choosing weapons for PvE and PvP, the usage and bonuses of food, upgrading your character’s equipment, and increasing their base attributes through all possible means. Let’s get started.

Enhancing Character Equipment

The simplest way to make your character stronger is by enhancing their equipment. It’s important to note that in Undawn, many equipment enhancements are tied to the character. This means that you are upgrading not the item itself, but rather the slot it is equipped in, such as a weapon slot.

To enhance an item, you must equip it and then select the corresponding option in the contextual menu for the designated slot.


There are quite a few enhancement options available, and we will go through each method in order.

Normal Enhancement

To enhance equipment, you will need silver and Reinforcement Coatings, which come in three varieties:

  • Alloy Reinforcement Coating (rare, blue)
  • Fiberglass Reinforcement Coating (epic, purple)
  • Carbon Fiber Reinforcement Coating (legendary, yellow)


You can obtain Reinforcement Coatings by completing daily and weekly activities. You can also purchase them using certain in-game currencies, such as Coupons in the TradeMerchant Guild section.

The enhancement process using the “Enhance” method is tied to the slot. This means that if you change your weapon or armor, the current enhancement will be preserved. The higher the enhancement level, the more Reinforcement Coatings are required, and the higher quality they need to be.

It’s worth noting that you can combine Reinforcement Coatings to create a higher-quality one by using four units of the previous quality level: 4 rare = 1 epic, 4 epic = 1 legendary.


To do this, select the Reinforcement Coatings in your inventory and choose the “Craft” option.

Prime Enhancement

Starting from level 90 (presumably), players gain access to a new type of character enhancement called “Prime Enhancement.”

Prime Enhancement interface

Each piece of equipment has two parameters that can be enhanced simultaneously (you can improve both), such as Damage and Critical Hit. To increase these parameters, you will need Reinforcement Coatings and Silver. The higher the quality of the Reinforcement Coatings you use, the more experience points the enhancement receives, and the less Silver you will need to spend.

You can switch between Prime Enhancement and Normal Enhancement using the corresponding buttons below the preview of the equipped item.

Quick Enhance

Take note of the Quick Enhance feature. With it, you can initiate automatic item enhancement to your desired level (by default, level 15 is indicated, but you should specify your preferred level if you don’t plan to enhance the item to the maximum).

The maximum level of Prime Enhancement for each parameter is the 15th. After reaching this level, players gain access to a new method of enhancing the item, which will use Tuners as a resource.

precise enhancement

You will be able to obtain two additional parameters for the item, which will be randomly selected from the pool of four available (reroll is possible).

precise enhancement

Assemble (weapon only)

In Undawn, there are two types of firearms: main weapons and heavy weapons. Both types of weapons can be enhanced using accessories.

Main weapons can be equipped with:

  • Scope: Provides no parameter boost and cannot be enhanced.
  • Muzzle: Critical Hit chance.
  • Barrel: Damage.
  • Receiver: Weakness Damage (headshot damage is considered as hitting a weak point).
  • Magazine: Critical Damage.
  • Grip: Armor Piercing.
  • Stock: Skill Strength.


Heavy weapons can only be equipped with Muzzle, Barrel, Grip, and Stock, with similar properties.


All the mentioned accessories are tied to the equipment slot and do not require reinstallation when changing weapons. They are crafted using a Workbench and can be further enhanced using Accessory Blueprints, which come in multiple levels. Similar to Reinforcement Coatings, you can craft higher-quality Accessory Blueprints from lower-quality ones. For example, 2 Accessory Blueprints (Lv. 1) can be crafted into 1 Accessory Blueprint (Lv. 2).


You can earn Accessory Blueprints by completing daily in-game activities and participating in events. Additionally, Accessory Blueprints can be purchased using Coupons in the TradeMerchant Guild section. I strongly recommend using your Coupons primarily for purchasing Accessory Blueprints. As experience shows, this resource is much harder to obtain compared to others, but it is one of the most important resources in the game as it significantly increases the damage dealt.

Pay attention to the bonuses from the Firearm Accessory Set. These bonuses are tied to the weapon slot and increase when you enhance all its accessories to a certain level. For example, if you enhance all 6 accessories of the main weapon to level 6 or higher, the weapon receives +54 Damage, +12 Armor Piercing, and +3 Magazine Capacity.


For this reason, it is advisable to evenly enhance weapon accessories, focusing on the set bonus. It’s worth noting that visually, except for the scope, none of the weapon accessories are displayed on the weapon. Unfortunately, there are no ssuppressors in Undawn.

Reinforce (armor only)

Equipment items such as vests, hats, jackets, gloves, pants, and boots can be reinforced using Armor Plates, and this enhancement will be tied to the slot (you can freely change equipment, and it will be preserved). Each equipment item uses its own specific type of Armor Plates, meaning that Armor Plates for boots can only be used to reinforce boots and cannot be used to reinforce other items.


Additionally, Armor Plates have multiple quality levels. You can craft higher-quality Armor Plates from lower-quality ones by selecting them in your inventory and pressing “Craft“. For example, you can craft 1 Armor Plate (Lv. 2) by using 2 Armor Plates (Lv. 1).


The reinforcement process allows you to insert up to 3 Armor Plates into each equipment item, and then gradually enhance them using other Armor Plates. The higher the level of the inserted Armor Plates, the more Armor Plates will be required for enhancement, and the higher their level should be.

You can obtain Armor Plates by completing daily activities. They can also be purchased using Coupons in the TradeMerchant Guild section.


Similar to weapons, you receive Equipment Set Reinforcement bonuses that further enhance your character. For example, by installing 15 armor inserts of level 5 or higher, you will receive a bonus of +42 Max HP, +14 Armor, and +28 Max Armor Increase.


Polishing is another method of enhancing your character’s weapons and equipment. Like the previous enhancement methods, it is tied to the character’s slot. You can freely change weapons and equipment, and the enhancement will be preserved.


To perform polishing, you need Silicon Carbide Particles, which come in different rarities. The higher the level of the item’s polishing, the more Silicon Carbide Particles you will need to spend. You can craft higher-quality Silicon Carbide Particles from lower-quality ones by selecting them in your inventory and pressing “Craft“. For example, you can exchange 5 Silicon Carbide Particles (Lv. 1) for 1 Silicon Carbide Particle (Lv. 2).


During the polishing process, the item gains Polish XP (a progress bar displayed at the top of the interface when the item is selected). As the polishing level increases, the item receives stat bonuses as indicated in the enhancement description.

My tests have shown that the bonus to “Base Damage” of the weapon only applies to the specific weapon it is applied to. Therefore, it is not worth spending Silicon Carbide Particles to enhance melee weapons, as you will rarely use them.


It’s also worth noting that different equipment pieces (helmet, vest, jacket, etc.) provide bonuses to different parameters during polishing. For example, enhancing a vest increases Max Armor and Armor Recovery Per Second, while enhancing pants increases Max HP and Leg Armor.

Pay attention to the additional Equipment Set Polishing bonuses you receive for polishing a certain number of equipment pieces to a specific level. For example, polishing 6 equipment pieces to level +9 or higher grants +12 Max HP, +32 Damage, and +10 Armor Piercing.


You can obtain Silicon Carbide Particles by participating in events and completing daily quests. They can also be purchased in certain in-game shops, such as using Gold and Coupons. Please refer to my separate guide on earning Gold in Undawn through trading.

Stats Modification and Transferring

All character equipment, including weapons (except melee weapons), have additional stats that are randomly determined during the item’s crafting process and are specific to that particular item. Each item can have multiple additional stats depending on its quality:

  • Rare items have 2-4 additional stats.
  • Epic items have 2-5 additional stats.
  • Legendary items have 3-6 additional stats.


These additional stats also have their own quality levels: Uncommon (green), Rare (blue), and Epic (purple). You can view the possible additional stats of an item by clicking on the “Info” icon next to the “Preview” label in the item enhancement interface.


By selecting an equipped item in your inventory and clicking “Modify,” you can modify the item’s additional stats or transfer them to another item for silver. Modifying stats requires different Coatings depending on the item’s level.


These Coatings come in various types and can be obtained as rewards for completing various in-game activities, including daily ones. The important thing is that Coatings can be crafted at a workbench and even sold to other players through the “Trade” section.


You can also craft higher-quality Coatings from lower-quality ones by selecting them in your inventory and clicking “Craft” in the contextual menu. For example, you can create 1 Ionized Coating from 2 Thermoplastic Coatings, and 1 Solid Solution Coating from 2 Ionized Coatings.

Each attempt to modify an item’s stats presents new additional stat options, giving you a choice to use the new ones or keep the previous ones. This means you can safely modify stats, and if something doesn’t work out, the original additional stats of the item will be preserved.


During modification, you can lock up to 2 additional stats of each item, and they will be retained in the new version. However, this requires special items that are quite rare and expensive: Nanocrystalline Core (for 1 stat) and Superconductive Core (for 2 stats).


You can also transfer additional stats from one item to another using the “Stat Transfer” option. Stat transfer is only possible if the target item is equal to or higher in level than the donor item. The original item is destroyed during the stat transfer process.


Always pay attention to the additional stats of items that you purchase from other players in the “Trade” section.

Skill Chips

At the time of writing this guide, Skill Chips can only be installed in the main weapon or jacket. There are quite a few Skill Chips, each providing the character with a specific passive perk and enhancing various attributes (such as damage).


Skill Chips come in two rarity levels: Epic (purple) and Legendary (yellow). They are crafted using 30 or 50 Chip Modules, respectively. Chip Modules can be obtained by opening crates in Blockade mode, purchasing them from other players through the “Trade” section, or using RC in the “Store” section.


Skill Chips are quite rare and expensive, so it may not be possible to collect them without real-money investments in the early stages of the game.


Using the Gene Workbench, you can create and apply 4 different genes to your character: Active Gene, Resistance Gene, Awaken Gene, and Superpower Gene. Refer to the detailed guide on genes in Undawn, which is already published on the website.

Undawn Genes

The process of breeding powerful genes is lengthy and challenging, as you will need to combine them many times before achieving a favorable outcome. Keep in mind that high-quality genes provide a significant boost to your character’s attributes, which you would likely not want to overlook.

Enhanced Syringe

The Enhanced Syringe is a special consumable that, when used, permanently provides the following bonuses to your character: +3 Max HP, +2 Damage, +2 Skill Strength. While these bonuses may seem minor individually, using multiple Enhanced Syringes will result in a noticeable increase in attributes.


You can obtain Enhanced Syringes through various methods. The simplest ones include achieving key milestones (EscAchievements) and exploring the open world. There are many hidden crates in each region, and each crate contains 1 Exploration Point for that region. These crates are only displayed on the mini-map and are marked with a distinct yellow icon that you won’t miss.


They are usually found inside or near buildings, including those within Strongholds. You are guaranteed to find one such crate at the top of each Signal Tower.


Collected Exploration Points can be exchanged for Enhanced Syringes in the EscMarketExploration Shop section.


Increasing Title Level in Road of Raven

By increasing your Title level in Road of Raven (EscRavens), you gain a small boost to your character’s stats. The “Title Up” mode consists of a series of tasks that you must complete to increase your Title.


Once the tasks are completed, you will also need to acquire Raven Sigils in EscMarketCombat using Combat Points, which can be earned in PVP modes such as Training Match and Aeronautical Base.


By clicking the “Title Preview” button, you can see the bonuses that await you in the future. Initially, the stat increase may seem insignificant, but at the final Titles, it becomes truly substantial.


That’s why I recommend paying special attention to this mode, actively progressing through the “Hold the Line” levels, and accumulating Combat Points to purchase Raven Sigils.

Text Titles

In Undawn, your character has various text Titles that can be set in the YTitle section. Titles can be obtained through different methods, usually indicated in the description of the title itself in the list. Note that some of the titles are temporary.

Each title provides a small increase to certain base characteristics of your character, and generally, the better the title, the greater the increase. However, you can use the stats from one title by clicking “Equip Stats” and the appearance (the text displayed above your character’s head) from another title by clicking “Equip Appearance“.


For example, other players see the temporary epic title “Legendary Windbreaker” above my character’s head, while the rare PVP title “Superkilla Vanguard” provides the stat boost for me.

Bonuses from Roles

Starting from character level 66, you can gain additional attribute bonuses by leveling up the following roles to level 30:

  • Logger,
  • Miner,
  • Gatherer,
  • Hunter,
  • Chef,
  • Angler,
  • Scavenger,
  • Highwayman (presumably),
  • Troubadour (presumably).

Undawn Role stat bonus

Each of these perks will increase your character’s Max HP by 10, Damage by 3, and Skill Strength by 3. That’s why it’s recommended to actively engage in leveling up these professions from the early stages of the game.

Choosing the Right Weapons

I have previously covered the topic of choosing weapons in Undawn and discussing the best weapons in a separate guide, so I will only highlight the key points here.

There are three types of weapons in the game: main, heavy, and melee. Different types of main weapons are used for PvP and PvE purposes. In PvE, only Damage Per Minute (DPM) matters, while in PvP, factors such as recoil and magazine size also come into play.


The most versatile main weapon is the AK-47, but its high recoil can be difficult to control in intense PvP battles. Ultimately, it depends on your playstyle, shooting skills, and preferences. Currently, I personally prefer the SCAR and HK416.


It’s also important to consider the Firearm Talent possessed by any main weapon, which is indicated in its description.

As for heavy weapons, there are only four models: M134 Heavy Machine Gun, M32 Grenade Launcher, B39 Biotic Rifle, and M82 Heavy Sniper Rifle. When choosing a heavy weapon, you need to take into account the Expertise perks (EscExpertise), which can have a significant impact on the damage of the main weapon and/or the character’s survivability.


For example, the M132 perks (Assault Expert) increase critical hit chance and damage, while the M32 perks (Explosive Expert) provide a chance to deal additional splash damage and increase the character’s armor.


For PvE battles, the M134 Heavy Machine Gun is the most suitable, although players often use the M82 Heavy Sniper Rifle as well. Both of these weapons are effective for dealing damage to bosses. In PvP, all types of heavy weapons except the M134 Heavy Machine Gun are actively used, with the M82 Heavy Sniper Rifle and B39 Biotic Rifle being the most common choices. However, personally, I prefer the M32 Grenade Launcher.

Proper Drone Configuration

As you may have noticed, your drone in Undawn can be equipped with one of three types of chips. Fundamentally, the chips do not differ from each other except for the special skill that the drone receives.

  • Treatment Chip: The drone will periodically heal you and your allies.
  • Explosive Chip: The drone will periodically release small missiles at nearby enemies.
  • EM Chip: The drone will periodically emit an electromagnetic pulse in a 6-meter radius, dealing minor damage and slowing down enemies for a few seconds.


The choice of which chip to use depends on your playstyle. If you prefer to dive into the heat of battle and engage in close-quarters combat with enemies, the EM Chip may be the best fit. However, personally, I didn’t find it to be appealing. I believe that Explosive and Treatment Chips are more relevant in the current PvP realities of Undawn.

Character Talents

Character talents can be found in the EscSkills section. They are divided into three categories: Throw, Device, and Passive.


It’s important to note that when upgrading or unlocking any of these talents, you earn Talent XP, which increases your Talent Level. The Talent Level is displayed at the top of the interface. Each new Talent Level, starting from the 16th, grants the player +1 Expertise Point (for improving heavy weapons perks in the EscExpertise section).


Among the passive perks, the most important ones are Armor-Piercing Shell (increases Armor Piercing) and Maximum Firepower (increases damage dealt). I recommend prioritizing the upgrade of these perks since the other passive abilities have little to no impact on the effectiveness of your character in PvP and PvE, and if they do, it is very minor.

Regarding active skills, their selection depends on the game mode you intend to play and the preferred playstyle. For example, turrets are useful for PvE battles, while various mines and Healing Device are suitable for PvP.


Decoy Bomb works well against zombie hordes as it lures them towards it, while Molotov Cocktails and Corrosive Grenades are effective against bosses.

Smoke Grenades are useful in Blockade mode when loading collected crates into the helicopter. The other types of grenades, including Corrosive Grenades, can be confidently used in PvP depending on your playstyle.


To earn Talent Points, you must complete daily tasks, progress through the levels of the Hold the Line mode, and participate in various Stronghold Challenges (EscRaven).

Camp Training

After joining a Camp (EscCamp), a new tab called Camp Training will appear in the “Skills” section. To improve Camp perks, you will need a special currency called Camp Contribution, which can be earned by completing daily quests and participating in clan events like the “Bonfire Party” in the evenings.


All Camp perks are passive and enhance various base attributes of your character. I recommend focusing on improving perks that increase damage in some way, both in PvE and PvP, and only secondarily focusing on survival perks. This will help you become more effective in combat.

Tactical Training

Starting from level 90, players gain access to a new enhancement called Tactical Training. Please read a separate guide on Tactical Training to learn everything about leveling up and using tactics in Undawn.

Tactic, essentials, Undawn

Small nodes (Essentials) from all available tactics affect the character simultaneously. For example, you can learn 2 nodes for +4 Damage from one tactic and 2 nodes for +5 Damage from another tactic to get a permanent +18 Damage in all game modes.

tactic effect, undawn

The main bonus only applies when the character is part of a group of 4 (and no more!) people. The bonus is determined by the chosen tactic – for example, +3.5% damage to monsters and +3.5% resistance to monster damage. Do not underestimate the impact of tactics on your gameplay. Always choose the right tactic (PVP / PVE) to strengthen your character.

Choosing food for character enhancement

Most food in the game enhances your character by temporarily (for 10 minutes) boosting specific attributes. A detailed cooking guide for Undawn has already been published on the website, so I will simply remind you that you can use one type of food to increase damage and another type to improve survival simultaneously.

One of the most important things you should know is that “Damage to Humans” applies to humanoid mobs, NOT players. It’s also important to note that Armor Piercing provides a greater damage increase than the Damage stat.


The thing is, the “Damage” stat in the “Character” tab (Y) is not the player’s damage, as it might seem, but a modifier that increases the damage of equipped weapons by 1% for every 10 points. You can read more about this in a separate character stats guide in Undawn, where I’ve shared the working damage formula in the game and the results of my tests.


You can also confidently use food to increase your character’s critical hit and armor. It has proven itself effective in both PvE and PvP battles.

Grilled Fish Feast

When participating in important events, especially PVP battles, always use the best Grilled Fish Feast available to you. This is a special and rather expensive type of food that can be used to feed your entire group.

Grilled Fish Feast

The effect of the Grilled Fish Feast significantly enhances your character for 30 minutes and does not replace the effects of regular food.

Grilled Fish Feast

Do not ignore this enhancement, as the sum of small details can make the difference between victory and defeat. Here, you didn’t use the Feast and lost 4-5% of your damage, there, you didn’t switch tactics and lost another 4-5%… In total, this amounts to 8-10% of your character’s power, the lack of which you will definitely feel in battle.

How to Increase Your Character’s Rating

In the YRating section of Undawn, you will find the ways in which you can increase your character’s Rating. By looking at these categories, you can identify the aspects of character development where you may be lagging behind other players.


For example, in my case, “Equipment Basics,” “Equipment Enhancement,” and “Accessories and Reinforcement” have an “S” class rating (the highest), but I have noticeably fallen behind in “Equipment Polishing” and “Equipment Modification.”


These are all the character enhancement methods that I can offer you at the moment.


If you have anything to add or if I have forgotten to mention any aspects, please feel free to comment below this post. By doing so, you will not only help the website but also tens of thousands of its readers. Happy surviving!

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  • Steve Miller
    Steve Miller

    Good overview. However, it is entirely worthless information in regards to PvP, since mobile players have a significant disadvantage against PC players, and an even greater disadvantage against PC players using auto-aim, anti-recoil, immediate healing, and other hacks. These are well-documented in many YouTube videos. Developers have been repeatedly alerted to these grotesque issues, but fail to install any safeguards to make the game fair.

    It is also worth warning players that the developers have a sick sense of PvP balancing for Camp Competition and Radiation Island PvP camp events, often pitting low-ranking camps against very high ranking camps…often as much as 30 ranks higher.

    Your info is great, but ultimately pointless until the developers resolve these issues.

  • Andrea

    Usually newbies in PvP need all survival and accuracy they can get. Regarding camp perks , I know killing fast is important , but beside decent equipment, and some critical boost, defensive skills are important too in PvP as offensive skills at least imo.

    This cause I notice I can beat, other newbies easily, but against advanced players I cannot ever shoot sometimes, cause they kill me before, I just feel myself  still too weak more than ineffective /underpowered. So 

  • Andrea

    Detailed and well articulated as other posts here. Number of variables is pretty impressive, but finally guess there are not really many valuable choices to do, just push perks that really work,  just you can (and must) focus of that, and you can develop all, no need  trading  a valuable perk for another valuable at same. 

    Missing a skill to increase brutally damage when hp drops below some limit, that would a very powerful and funny skill, to push a competitive and risky playstyle. 

    Frankly speaking, once you get used to mechanism of game,  Playstyle in this game is pretty static and boring, plus cost to repair  equament promots a lazy laidback playstyle even more.

  • Sohan

    Very well composed and articulated, really helpful!! Many thanks.

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