12 Tips and Tricks for Beginners in SpaceBourne 2

SpaceBourne 2

After fully completing SpaceBourne 2 version 1.9.0, which ends after building a factory in space, I am ready to share my experience. Below are several tips and tricks that will help beginners progress faster. Some things may seem insignificant to you, while others can save you hours of your time.

Save your progress as often as possible

Quick save in SpaceBourne 2 is assigned to the F6 key, and quick load of the last save is assigned to F8. Save before every mission, before each planetary landing, and before every space battle. The fact is that SpaceBourne 2 has an incredible number of bugs. I have played many games in my time, but I have never seen such an abundance of bugs and flaws in any of them. Since this wonderful game is developed by a single person, it’s hard to blame him for anything. So I strongly recommend accepting the abundance of bugs as a given and saving the game at any convenient opportunity.

Upgrade the “More Experience” perk

SpaceBourne 2

Your character in SpaceBourne 2 has three classes simultaneously: Soldier, Pilot, and Adventurer. The Adventurer class is the hardest to upgrade, as the activities associated with it are significantly underdeveloped, and sometimes even pointless. That’s why your first perk in this class should be the “More Experience” perk, tied to the Intelligence attribute.

When you gain experience in other classes, the Adventurer class will receive 30% of that experience. Other classes will not lose experience in the process. For example, if the Soldier class gains 1000 XP, the Adventurer class will receive 300 XP without taking anything away from the Soldier class. This will allow you to level up the Adventurer class much faster.

Master ship control and navigation in space

SpaceBourne 2

If you are a complete beginner in SpaceBourne 2, you should read guides on ship control and space navigation. Ships in the game contain many systems that you simply won’t be able to figure out on your own at first. For instance, at some point, your ship may just stop flying if you accidentally reduce its maximum speed to the minimum. Or you may not know how to defend yourself against missiles that have already locked onto your ship. And do you know how to redirect energy to shields and what it does in practice? Ship control is a very broad topic, and I would strongly advise against ignoring it.

Farm TY in “Salvage” instances

This is the fastest of the “legal” ways to earn TY. “Salvage” instances are found on almost all inhabited planets and are something like an endless dungeon, where floors with bots alternate with floors with bosses. Valuable items that can be sold profitably drop from both bots and bosses, as well as from chests. The method involves farming high-level dungeons.

SpaceBourne 2

The level of all dungeons in a solar system is always equal to the level of the solar system itself. For example, if the system has a level of 50-60, then the dungeons in it will have levels within this range.

SpaceBourne 2

Despite the fact that in the 1.9.0 update, bots were somewhat balanced and strengthened, they are still not difficult to defeat, even being 20-30 levels weaker. However, defeating bosses is much more difficult, so be careful. And of course, don’t forget to upgrade the “Salvage Master” perk, which significantly increases the chance of getting loot in battle and its quality. However, there are other ways to earn TY in SpaceBourne 2, which are described in detail in a separate guide.

Prioritize raising your rank in the Freelancers Guild

Upon reaching the 2nd rank of the Freelancers Guild, you will be able to buy epic weapons for your ship at guild stations, and upon reaching the 3rd rank – legendary ones. Legendary and epic weapons are much more powerful than regular ones, and there are currently no alternative ways to obtain them in the game.

SpaceBourne 2

For this reason, it’s worth prioritizing increasing your rank in the Freelancers Guild. To do this, you need to complete contracts from the “Galaxy Web” → “Looking for Pilot” section. This may seem like a long and tedious process, but I can help you with that too.

Complete multiple contracts in one solar system at the same time

Looking for Pilot” and “Looking for Mercenary” contracts are always issued for solar systems in the same star sector as the player. In other words, target solar systems are always nearby. The secret is that you can cancel accepted contracts with impunity, thus refreshing the list of available contracts. Moreover, if you accept 12 contracts, reaching the limit, and try to accept the 13th, it will simply disappear from the list, causing the list to update!

SpaceBourne 2

Thus, by simply accepting and canceling unwanted contracts, you can refresh the list until several contracts for the same solar system appear. This will significantly speed up the process of leveling up guilds.

Use a Black Ops class ship with the Cloak perk

SpaceBourne 2

I have tried almost all the ships in SpaceBourne 2 and can confidently say that a Black Ops class ship with the Cloak perk is the best choice in terms of efficiency. You can read more about ships, their perks, and weapons in a separate ship guide. I will just emphasize that the “Cloak” perk makes the ship invisible when activated, allowing it to easily evade attacks even in the most difficult space battle. Having this perk greatly increases the ship’s survivability. So, if you’re unsure which ship to choose, go for the Black Ops, and you won’t be disappointed.

The assortment of ships is updated with each interaction with the console

SpaceBourne 2

At least that’s how it works in version 1.9.0. If you didn’t like the ships or their perks, you can simply close the console and open it again. The assortment of available ships will be updated. This way, you can easily find a ship with the necessary perks without having to fly from shop to shop across the galaxy. Most likely, this bug will be fixed in the future.

Upgrade your ship at Faction Hangar stations

SpaceBourne 2

These stations are located in every capital solar system of each star sector, for example, in Mirith (G1) and Treays (G4). At “Faction Hangar” stations, you can increase the tier and level of your ship, paint it in any colors you like, change 2 perks, add new slots for modules or weapons.

SpaceBourne 2

More details about this can be found in the full guide to ships in SpaceBourne 2. Upgrading your ship in this way can increase its efficiency many times over, so I strongly recommend not to ignore this possibility.

Use a squad in all battles

SpaceBourne 2

The squad appears for the player after the storyline mission in which the WRA faction is created. A squad consists of 4 pilots who will follow the player and fight on their side. You can summon/revoke the squad through the menu by pressing the F1 key. Pilots can be assigned to the squad in the “Faction” → “Overview” tab. Although these pilots do not fight very well, their presence in the battle significantly increases your survivability, forcing enemies to be distracted.

Use burst turrets as weapons for your ship

SpaceBourne 2

Burst turrets overheat very quickly (literally within a second). However, if you redirect 100% of the power to weapon systems (this is done with the arrow keys on the keyboard), the heating rate of burst turrets decreases several times, and the firing rate increases. This mechanic makes burst turrets the most dangerous and efficient weapon for spacecraft in the game. You can read more about this in the aforementioned guide.

Quick reloading of the sniper rifle

SpaceBourne 2

You can instantly reload the sniper rifle if you change the weapon and then take it back in your hands. Remember how the AWP was reloaded in Counter-Strike 1.6. If the sniper rifle is equipped with the “3” key and an automatic weapon is assigned to “2“, you can simply press “2-3” quickly after firing, and you won’t have to wait for the long reload. In some missions, this can be very useful.

That’s it for now. I hope these tips were helpful to you. If you know anything else interesting about SpaceBourne 2 that can help other players, feel free to write about it in the comments. Good luck, space wolves! 😎

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