Guide to Classes, Attributes, and Leveling in SpaceBourne 2

SpaceBourne 2

A character in SpaceBourne 2 has three classes simultaneously: Soldier (ground combat skills), Pilot (space combat skills), and Adventurer (trading, exploration, mining, and more). Each class has three unique attributes, and each attribute provides access to five perks, each of which can be leveled up to the second level and affects multiple character parameters. Beginners may find it challenging to understand all this at once, so I decided to write this small guide for you.

Classes, Attributes, and Leveling

In SpaceBourne 2, a character has three classes:

  1. Soldier – this class is responsible for the character’s combat abilities in ground battles using firearms;
  2. Pilot – this class is responsible for the character’s combat abilities in space battles using spacecraft;
  3. Adventurer – this class is responsible for exploration, trading, mining, drone efficiency, and other aspects.

SpaceBourne 2

Each class has three unique attributes. Each time a player levels up a class, they receive three attribute points that can be used to level up any of the attributes for that specific class.

Each attribute has five perks that can be obtained by the character. To acquire or upgrade a perk, a certain number of attribute points must be spent on leveling up the attribute. The number of points required for the next perk is displayed as a grey scale bar under each attribute.

SpaceBourne 2

The number of attribute points needed will change depending on the current class level. For example, at L26 of the Soldier class, you need to spend 6 attribute points to get the next perk, while at L33 of the Pilot class, you need 8.

SpaceBourne 2

Attributes and Their Effects

Below is a list of attributes and the character parameters they affect:

  • Perception (Soldier): Ranged Damage, Damage Over Time, Melee Damage, Critical Chance, Critical Damage, Accuracy.
  • Endurance (Soldier): Max HP, Max Armor, Damage Reflection, Damage Resistance, Damage Absorb, Party Damage Boost.
  • Agility (Soldier): Movement Speed, Energy, HP Recovery Rate, Armor Repair Rate, Energy Recharge Rate, Party Energy Bonus.
  • Reflexes (Pilot): Critical Hit Chance, Damage Boost, Critical Hit Damage, Fire Rate Boost, Weapon Accuracy, Projectile Speed.
  • Willpower (Pilot): Shield Boost, Armor Boost, Shield Recharge Rate, Damage Resistance, Damage Absorb Chance, Shield Reboost Time.
  • Alertness (Pilot): Energy Regen Rate, Energy, Ship Speed, Thruster Fuel, Thruster Regenerate Rate, Warp Speed.
  • Intelligence (Adventurer): Experience bonus for all classes, Anomaly Analyzing, Trade, Crafting Efficiency, Dialogue bonuses, Loot drop chance and quality, Cargo Capacity.
  • Luck (Adventurer): Probe Scan Accuracy, Probe Distance, Scanning Level, Crafting Efficiency, Probe Speed.
  • Coordination (Adventurer): Misactor Efficiency, Salvaging, Contracting, Mining, Drone Damage and Armor, Drone Speed.

SpaceBourne 2

Some parameters may raise additional questions, so I decided to explain their purpose separately. Note that the information is presented in the form of “how I understand it” and may not be entirely accurate.

  • Critical Chance and Critical Damage affect only the class to which the attribute belongs. In other words, a character’s critical damage chance and a spaceship’s critical damage chance are different parameters from different classes.
  • Character Armor is the same as a spaceship’s Shield. First, the character takes damage on the Armor scale, and when it runs out, they take damage to their HP. If you avoid taking damage for a few seconds, Armor quickly regenerates.
  • Damage Absorb means the chance that damage will be absorbed, i.e., the character will not take it.
  • Party Damage Boost means a damage bonus to other characters in the ground combat party (analogous to a squad in space). In version 1.9.0, you still cannot call for party assistance in ground missions.
  • Thruster Fuel is a bonus to the fuel reserve of thrusters, which allow you to fly faster when holding the “Shift” key. Check out the SpaceBourne 2 ship control guide for more information.
  • Anomaly Analyzing refers to research activity, which is superficially implemented in version 1.9.0 and almost makes no sense.
  • Trade – space product prices become more favorable. Read the SpaceBourne 2 trade guide for more information.
  • Crafting Efficiency – crafting is still not implemented in version 1.9.0.
  • Dialogue Bonuses – during my playthrough of the available story, I never encountered a dialogue where this would be useful. Perhaps it’s a placeholder for the future.
  • Probe Scan Accuracy, Distance, and other probe-related parameters – all these parameters concern research activity, which in the current version of the game is entirely meaningless and contains many bugs.
  • Misactor Efficiency – this parameter increases the speed of mining ores in space using a Misactor. Read a separate guide on mining ores in SpaceBourne 2 for more information.
  • Salvaging – as far as I understand, it affects rewards when farming instances like “Salvage” on planetary surfaces. At the moment, farming such instances is the best of the “legal” ways to earn TY in the game. Read a separate guide on how to quickly earn TY to learn more.
  • Contracting – as far as I understand, it affects rewards for completing guild contracts.
  • Mining – as far as I understand, it increases the speed and efficiency of mining in general.
  • Drone Damage and Armor, Drone Speed – increases the specified characteristics of combat drones if they are installed on the ship. Only some ships in the game can have drones. Read a separate guide on ships in SpaceBourne 2 to learn more.

Most useful perks and their effects

Character perks in SpaceBourne 2 can be passive or active. In version 1.9.0, only the “Soldier” class has active perks. They can be placed in corresponding slots and activated during ground combat in third-person character mode.

SpaceBourne 2

There are a total of 45 perks in the game, so I will list only the most useful ones and their effects.

  • Ammo Consume (Soldier, Perception). With a 25% chance, ammunition will not be consumed when shooting. This is useful during dungeon farming like “Salvage” and when fighting bosses.
  • Damage Boost (Soldier, Perception). Increases firearm damage by 25%.
  • Strongere (Soldier, Endurance). Increases the character’s maximum HP by 70%.
  • Ground Slum (Soldier, Agility). When activated, knocks down enemies within a 50-meter radius. Can be useful in ground combat.
  • Experinced (Soldier, Agility). Increases the experience gained for the Soldier class by 25%. Useful for accelerating class leveling.
  • Damage Booster (Pilot, Reflexes). Increases ship weapon damage by 40%.
  • Sharp Shooter (Pilot, Reflexes). Increases the ship’s critical damage chance by 10% and the ship’s critical damage power by 50%.
  • Cooler (Pilot, Reflexes). Reduces weapon heat generation by 25%. Increases weapon cooling speed by 15%.
  • Stronger (Pilot, Willpower). Increases the ship’s shields and armor by 50%.
  • Dodge (Pilot, Willpower). The player’s ship cannot take critical damage.
  • Warp Speed (Pilot, Alertness). Increases warp jump speed by 50%. Useful for speeding up travel in space. And you’ll have to travel a lot in any case…
  • Less Energy (Pilot, Alertness). Reduces the amount of energy consumed when activating ship perks by 50%. Read a separate guide on ships in SpaceBourne 2 to learn more about perks.
  • Experinced (Pilot, Alertness). Increases the experience gained for the Pilot class by 25%. Useful for accelerating class leveling.
  • More Money (Adventurer, Intelligence). Increases monetary rewards for completing contracts by 70%. You will need to complete quite a few contracts to level up your guild rank. With this perk, this activity will become more profitable.
  • More Experience (Adventurer, Intelligence). Each time another class (Pilot / Soldier) gains experience, the Adventurer class will additionally receive 30% of that experience. Other classes will not lose any experience. This is the most important perk in the game, as it allows leveling up the Adventurer class completely passively.
  • Extra Drone (Adventurer, Coordination). If you are serious about trading or mining, it makes sense to upgrade this perk. Otherwise, your ship will be defenseless against pirates.
  • Warp Booster (Adventurer, Coordination). Another perk for speeding up warp jumps. Allows for faster travel in space.
  • Salvage Master (Adventurer, Coordination). Increases the chance to find an item while farming dungeons like “Salvage” by 80%. Since salvaging is the best of the “legal” ways to earn TY in the game, it is important to get this perk as soon as possible.

How class levels affect gameplay

First and foremost, class levels affect the items you can buy at trade consoles in space stations and guild stations. For example, character weapons and armor you purchase will always correspond to their “Soldier” class level, and weapons and modules for the ship will correspond to the “Pilot” class level.

SpaceBourne 2

The character cannot use items of a higher level than the level of the corresponding class they have developed.

SpaceBourne 2

The Pilot class level also affects the level to which a ship can be upgraded at Faction Hangar stations. For example, if the Pilot class level is 33, then the ship can only be upgraded to level 33.

What stats to level up for a beginner?

I would suggest focusing on Intelligence (20-25 points). The reason is that the faster you get the “More Experience” perk, the easier it will be for you to level up the “Adventurer” class. Additionally, the Intelligence stat increases the experience gained by all classes. I recommend investing the remaining points in the “Pilot” class, as space battles are much more challenging than ground battles.

SpaceBourne 2

If you prefer a more balanced approach, simply distribute points evenly among all the stats. However, I would recommend avoiding the “Luck” stat of the “Adventurer” class in the current version of the game, as it will not provide any benefits.

What background to choose when creating a character

In my opinion, the best choice is “Captain.” Since in the late game, you will mostly engage in space battles with your faction against enemies, this choice will be the most advantageous in the long run.

SpaceBourne 2

Your units will deal more damage, and your squad will be more resilient. This will be very useful in large-scale space battles for solar systems.

Which perks to level up first

First and foremost, focus on leveling up perks that accelerate class leveling:

  1. More Experience (Intelligence),
  2. Experinced (Alertness),
  3. Experinced (Agility).

SpaceBourne 2

Thanks to these perks, the overall leveling speed of the classes will be about twice as fast from the beginning of the game.

SpaceBourne 2

Next, I would recommend leveling up the More Money (Intelligence) and Salvage Master (Coordination) perks. This will allow you to earn more TY for completing contracts and efficiently farm TY in dungeons like Salvage.

After that, you can focus on the Perception and Endurance perks of the Soldier class and the Reflexes and Willpower perks of the Pilot class to increase damage and survivability in ground and space battles.

If I were to start the game from scratch, taking into account all the acquired game experience, I would choose this development strategy.

How to level up classes quickly

Classes in SpaceBourne 2 level up through corresponding in-game activities.

  • Soldier – complete Mercenary Guild contracts, defeat enemies in ground battles.
  • Pilot – complete Freelancers Guild contracts, defeat enemies in space battles.
  • Adventurer – engage in exploration and trade, level up the “More Experience” perk.

There are no specific ways to level up very quickly in the game. In any case, development will be gradual. If you have any questions on the topic, feel free to ask them in the comments. Good luck, space wolves! 😎

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