How to Earn Gold in Undawn: 8 Best Ways


Gold in Undawn is one of the most important currencies. With Gold, you can purchase many useful items in the “Shop” → “Gold” section, but its main value lies in being the primary currency for player-to-player trading. In this short guide, I will explain why it is crucial to learn how to earn a lot of Gold early in the game and how to do it.

Why You Need a Lot of Gold

The economy in Undawn is designed in such a way that many items are much easier and more cost-effective to buy through the trading hub (in the “Trade” section) rather than crafting them yourself. Let’s take the AK-47 (Lv. 40) as an example.


The estimated cost of resources for crafting it (on the server I play on) is at least 7,000 Gold. Additionally, we only have a 15% chance of crafting an Epic item and a 5% chance of crafting a Legendary item. This means that on average, we will only get 1 Epic AK-47 out of 6-7 crafted, while spending resources worth 40,000-50,000 Gold.

However, if we go to the “Trade” section and check the prices, we will see that excellent Epic AK-47s are sold at half the cost, sometimes even a quarter, ranging from 10,000 to 20,000 Gold. Moreover, we can review the weapon’s characteristics and additional parameters it possesses.


The second reason why you need Gold is for Chip Modules. Chip Modules are extremely difficult to obtain since their primary source (at least in the current version of the game) is the PvP mode called “Blockade,” where a group of players must first capture resource containers in the PvP zone and then successfully evacuate them at designated points on the map using a helicopter. And believe me, Chip Modules do not drop frequently from the obtained containers as rewards.


In the future, you will inevitably need to purchase Chip Modules for crafting Skill Chips and enhancing your character. Therefore, it seems reasonable to start considering this aspect early in the game.

#1: Do ALL available activities

If you want to earn gold in Undawn, you need to be as active as possible. Complete all the available in-game activities, including:

  • Daily missions (you’ll receive gold as a reward for Daily Activity)
  • Weekly quests (gold may be a direct reward or contained in containers you receive as rewards)
  • Evening Camp events (especially Camp Competition)
  • Blockade (you can sell Chip Modules for gold, which can be obtained with a low chance when opening blockade crates)
  • Any other reward-giving activities available in the game

Daily Activity rewards

Complete all missions available to you. Remember that this game is based on “limits.” You must complete all missions on time to stay competitive with other players.

#2: The Easiest Way to Earn Gold in Undawn

If you want to earn a lot of Gold, the easiest way is to sell resources in the “Trade” section. You can sell almost everything, from basic resources to medkits. However, some items are in higher demand because they are harder to obtain. For example, Yarn, Flax Flannel, Crude Leather, and Normal Leather are always more valuable because they require resources from plants and animals, which are slightly more challenging to gather compared to resources from trees and ore deposits.

To list a resource for sale, follow these steps:

  1. Open the “Trade” panel and go to the “Sale” tab.
  2. Select the resource and set the price as close as possible to the market price set by your competitors.
  3. Click “List” to list the item for sale. Note that you can purchase additional trade slots with Gold, allowing you to sell more resources.

Now, all you have to do is wait for your items to be purchased. You can find the earned Gold and trading history in the “Treasury” section.


Click “Withdraw All” to transfer the Gold to your main account.


Additionally, you can earn a few thousand Gold per day by participating in daily events and completing quests. However, true wealth in Undawn comes from the art of trading, so I highly recommend mastering it as soon as possible.

#3: Nearly Free Gold Every Day (Extreme Weather Events)

Every day, there are events called “Extreme Weather” taking place in different regions. You can read a detailed guide on Extreme Weather that has already been published on the website. In this article, I will just mention that from the “C-class” zones, you can obtain 600 units of “green” quality materials and 300 units of “blue” quality materials completely for free. To be honest, I haven’t calculated their value in gold, but roughly speaking, it’s no less than 20,000.

Extreme Weather event

In the region where the event is happening, four C-zones are generated, each containing three machines with materials. All you need to do is reach these zones, defeat the mobs (if they are alive), and collect the materials.

Extreme Weather

The only problem with this method is that you receive raw materials that need to be processed at the Raw Material Workbench. However, remember that you can always expand the limits of the Raw Material Workbench using special items that can be purchased with certain other currencies (such as Assist Points).

#4: Purchasing Materials in the Reputation Shop

Recently, I came up with another way to earn gold by selling Unfinished Goods. As you know, the game has several settlements, each of which has its own Reputation Shop (EscMarketReputation). By completing side (green) missions in a settlement, you increase your reputation with that settlement. When your reputation reaches the “Friendly” level, you can purchase Basic Materials Packs for 400 gold (or 200 gold when a 50% discount is active). Each pack contains 10 random materials of the corresponding region in “green” quality. You can buy up to 30 such packs per week in EACH of the settlements available to you.

Basic Materials Packs

If you have been playing Undawn for some time, you may have noticed that you accumulate more “blue” quality materials than “green.” The method of earning gold involves buying Basic Materials Packs for gold in Reputation Shops, crafting Unfinished Goods from these materials, and then selling them through the “Trade” section.

Trade, gold earning, Undawn

When Basic Materials Packs are sold at a discount, you will roughly double your profit, and sometimes even more. I haven’t tested how profitable it is to buy Basic Materials Packs for 400 gold yet.

The main advantage of this method is that the materials from Basic Materials Packs DO NOT require processing at the Raw Material Workbench. You can immediately use them to craft Unfinished Goods, which means that gold is generated “out of thin air.”

#5: Coating Crafting

Not long ago, I came up with another effective method of earning silver through trading. The method involves crafting Coatings. These items are used to modify additional attributes of equipment items, making them highly sought after among top players.

The concept is quite simple: you buy resources in the Trade section, craft Coatings, and then sell them to other players in the Trade section. An example of cost calculations can be seen in the screenshot below.

Income from Coatings crafting

Of course, in your case, it’s advisable to conduct your own calculations considering the current market prices of materials.

#6: Gold Weapon Crafting

This method (like all others) is used at your own risk! Essentially, the idea is to craft “legendary” quality equipment and sell epic equipment through the Trade section. On the surface, it might seem easier to just buy AK-47 for 200k Gold and avoid the hassle, but that’s not necessarily the case in practice, especially when you’re crafting something less popular but still in demand.

M32 cost

Let’s imagine that we’re crafting a level 70 M32 Grenade Launcher. A “legendary” M32 might cost you around 300-350k Gold, while epics go for 100-150k. With each crafting attempt, you’ll be spending about 20-25k Gold (depending on current prices).

However, not everyone is aware that Undawn features a system of failure compensation that guarantees the acquisition of an item in Gold quality on the 15th attempt, provided that 15 crafting attempts are made in a row. Let’s assume you crafted a gold M32 on the very last 15th attempt, additionally obtaining 3 epic M32s in the process. This would mean that you spent 375,000 (25,000 x 15) on crafting and earned 725,000 (350k (gold) + 125k (epic) * 3) in return.

Read my detailed guide on how the failure compensation system works during crafting and how to earn hundreds of thousands of Gold from it.

M32 craft

This means, if we continue to craft M32 and sell all the epic versions, we’ll eventually obtain a legendary M32 practically for free, and even make a profit if luck is on our side! It’s pure mathematics, nothing more. The only limitation we have is Rare Metal, which is essential for crafting weapons.


#7: Purple Stats Crafting

Another way for experienced players to earn Gold in Undawn is by selling items with Purple Stats. There is already a separate guide on the website explaining how to guarantee obtaining Purple Stats on gear. Please read it carefully before starting.

Purple Stat farming

As it turns out, the game has another system for compensating failures, which guarantees obtaining a Purple Stat on the 100th attempt at modifying the same item. This means that you can deliberately farm valuable Purple Bonuses and then sell them (on epic items) to other players in the Trade section. I personally verified this method and actively use it.

#8: Trading

Trading is, in my opinion, the best but at the same time the most challenging way to earn in-game currency. The thing is, when you purchase any item from other players in the Trade section, you cannot sell it for a whole 15 days. At first glance, this might seem like a lot, but consider this…

Imagine that every day for 15 days, you make one profitable deal: buying an item that can be resold for 20-30-50k more. Then, after 15 days, you’ll find that you have one item available for sale every day. And if you continue to engage in this, trading will become a routine, and you’ll have a consistent and powerful source of income.

Chip Module: Increased Concentration

To engage in trading, you must understand how the Undawn market works and what factors affect the prices of different items. Soon, I will write a separate comprehensive guide about this, but for now, let me provide a simple example: I bought several Chip Module: Increased Concentration for 50-80k each, and one fine day, I sold them for 199k.

Trading Example

This is just an example, and I don’t recommend copying it (wait for the guide). Right now, I’m simply informing you that you can earn a significant amount of gold in Undawn just by buying and selling items.

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