20 RAID: Shadow Legends Fan Arts: Popular Heroes from the Game

RAID: Shadow Legends Fan Art

The fan arts published in this post are a small fantasy about what our favorite game heroes could look like. All the images were created using advanced artificial intelligence systems. However, I should note that creating such RAID: Shadow Legends fan arts is not easy even when using AI, as many of them contain fine details, with which neural networks cope very poorly.

Many of the pictures published here were created directly based on game screenshots, while some were based on concepts that I created in Photoshop. For example, Konstantin raised his fiery sword and prepared for battle, while the beauty Yumeko ignited a fireball of blue flame.


What could one of the best heroines of RAID: Shadow Legends look like? This fan art depicts her in a not-so-typical image.

RAID: Shadow Legends Fan Art, Siphi


The legendary heroine from the Sylwan Watchers faction appears in a more human form.

RAID: Shadow Legends Fan Art, Claidna


Galek is one of the starting heroes in RAID. In this fan art, he is not very well detailed, but looks very rugged and intimidating, as befits a real orc.

RAID: Shadow Legends Fan Art, Galek


The legendary and red-haired heroine Arbiter looks 30 years younger in this RAID: Shadow Legends fan art.

RAID: Shadow Legends Fan Art, Arbiter


A small fantasy on what Dracomorph in RAID might look like if he was a bit more dragon-like.

RAID: Shadow Legends Fan Art, Dracomorph

Sir Nikolas

I’ll say right away: it didn’t turn out exactly as initially planned. In this fan art, Sir Nikolas looks too serious, and he is clearly lacking in detail…

RAID: Shadow Legends Fan Art, Sir Nikolas


This fan art was created based on a screenshot from the game. Let’s just imagine that Juliana’s 3D model has significantly increased in the number of polygons.

RAID: Shadow Legends Fan Art, Juliana


The most popular starting hero, Kael, turned out a bit strange. I struggled for a long time to get the AI to make him look like the real Kael from the game. In the end, I couldn’t make up my mind, so I decided to post 2 versions right away.




The character from the fan art doesn’t look too much like the original Kandraphon from the game, but for some reason, I liked this version more than the others.

RAID: Shadow Legends Fan Art, Kandraphon


This is one of the most successful RAID: Shadow Legends fan arts I’ve created. I spent quite a while trying to get the AI to draw the heroine exactly as I envisioned her in my concept. The result is the picture you see below. There are minor flaws, of course, but surprisingly few.

RAID: Shadow Legends Fan Art, Yumeko


This is not a very successful attempt to draw Ma’Shalled. His body shape turned out to be too enigmatic for the rather naive Stable Diffusion AI, so the image ended up strange.

RAID: Shadow Legends Fan Art, Ma'Shalled


On the other hand, look how cute and gentle Acrizia turned out without her helmet! Just look at this magical childish face 😁 …

RAID: Shadow Legends Fan Art, Acrizia

Astralon and Zavia

This love story of an angel and a dark elf is definitely the most complex RAID: Shadow Legends fan art I’ve ever created. Even the final version has many flaws. Let’s just look at it from a distance and enjoy the overall concept, without paying close attention to the details. Perhaps this is a shared dream of lovers who are not destined to be together 🙄.

RAID: Shadow Legends Fan Art, Astralon and Zavia

Lydia the Deathsiren

Unlike the original heroine from the game, Lydia from the AI-drawn fan art, based on a screenshot, looks much more menacing.

RAID: Shadow Legends Fan Art, Lydia the Deathsiren

Duchess Lilitu

One of the most useful heroines in RAID: Shadow Legends appears in a new, much more human form. From a formidable hell ruler, she has transformed into an attractive cosplayer.

RAID: Shadow Legends Fan Art, Duchess Lilitu


I know, I know… Outwardly, she doesn’t look much like the beauty Elhain from our favorite game, but this is the best I could get from the AI.

RAID: Shadow Legends Fan Art, Elhain


In my opinion, Oella turned out pretty good, and almost without visual flaws. Although to be honest, I never liked her in the game…

RAID: Shadow Legends Fan Art, Oella


This is the formidable ruler of the sea depths, Fortus, who emerged from the abyss to punish all the unworthy on the Live Arena. In reality, no one likes this hero in the game due to his useless skills, but I still decided to make fan art for him because I like his original image.

RAID: Shadow Legends Fan Art, Fortus

Konstantin the Dayborn

Finally, let me present to you the jewel of this collection – Konstantin. I spent quite a lot of time creating this fan art, and overall, the character turned out to be similar to the original Konstantin from the game.

RAID: Shadow Legends Fan Art, Konstantin the Dayborn


Dear readers, if you have fan art ideas or would like to see fan arts for a particular game, don’t hesitate to leave comments. Feedback and criticism of existing fan arts are also welcome.

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