Undawn Tactic Guide
Undawn Tactical Training Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Tactical Training is a new way to enhance your character, added in the Western version of Undawn with the "Island of Mist" update on October 19, 2023. With tactical training, players can choose ...

Undawn MMO
Undawn Navigation Guide: Transport, Fast Travel, Map, Resources

In the new MMORPG about surviving in a zombie world, Undawn, it's crucial to learn how to navigate the game world and travel to the right regions. For this, the game has implemented a fast travel ...

How to use Safety Rope and Extension Ladder in Undawn

Many newcomers to the world of Undawn don't understand the purpose of Safety Rope and Extension Ladder in the game. In this short guide, I will teach you how to use them. How to Craft Safety Rope or ...

Rise of Kingdoms
How to install Rise of Kingdoms on PC (3 ways)

The multiplayer mobile online real-time strategy game Rise of Kingdoms was released in 2018 and remains popular to this day. Currently, the game has a full client for the computer, allowing you to ...

Purple Stats in Undawn
How To 100% Get Purple Stats in Equipment in Undawn: Effective Modification Guide

Not long ago, I talked about the compensation system for crafting failures in Undawn, which guarantees obtaining a "Gold" item on the 15th attempt. As it turns out, the game has another compensation ...

Undawn supply cards
Undawn Donate Guide: What to Buy for Maximum Profit?

The goal of this small guide is to help newcomers to Undawn spend their money wisely, especially if your resources are limited like mine. I've been playing Undawn since its launch, and I'm ready to ...

Gold Weapon in Undawn
How to Get Gold Weapon in Undawn Quickly and Easily

A "Gold" weapon in Undawn is the highest "legendary" (yellow) quality weapon, which has much higher stats than the "rare" and "epic" counterparts. Such a weapon can be crafted using the Workbench ...

Undawn Friendship Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Undawn features an interesting friendship system. The more you interact with your friends, the more additional opportunities open up for you. Initially, you can give flowers and gifts to friends, ...

World of Tanks Blitz Replay Guide: How to Save, Watch, Share, Import

Hello, tank enthusiasts! In this brief guide, I will tell you how to save, watch, import, and share WOT Blitz replays. I will also show you a few websites where you can upload your replays to share ...

World of Tanks Blitz
How to Sell Tanks in World of Tanks Blitz: A Quick Guide

The system for selling vehicles in WOT Blitz differs slightly from the one in World of Tanks. To sell a tank in the Blitz version, follow these steps: Select the tank you want to sell in your ...

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