25 Undawn Tips and Tricks for Beginners


Undawn is a cross-platform post-apocalyptic MMORPG. To help you progress in this world filled with zombies, I will share the knowledge I’ve gained from over 100 hours of exploring the game. Some of the tips and tricks listed here may seem insignificant, but you’d be surprised to learn how much time I could have saved if I knew them from the beginning. So, let’s get started.

Complete all daily quests

Daily quests are available in the “Schedule” section and are the main source of XP in the game (excluding story quests and some additional missions).


At the top of the interface, you can see a reward bar for daily activity. Your goal is to claim all the rewards on this bar. Your character will progress in the game thanks to these rewards.

Enable resource display on the map

Not all beginners are aware of this feature. Open the map (M) and click on the button with the image of a leaf. Here, you can filter the resource types you want to see on the map, such as trees and ore.


The location of resources on the global map is approximate. To find the exact location of a specific bush or tree, you have to visit the area in person.


The resources you have enabled will be displayed on the mini-map, making it much easier for you to find them.

Learn the basics of crafting

There is already a comprehensive crafting guide available on the website. The essence of crafting can be summarized as follows:

  1. Gather raw materials in the open world.
  2. Process them into normal materials ready for use.
  3. Use the normal materials to craft advanced materials for equipment crafting.


With an 80% chance, the equipment will have rare (blue) quality, with a 15% chance for epic (purple), and with a 5% chance for legendary (orange).

Buy epic equipment for gold from other players

Crafting epic and legendary equipment yourself in the early stages of the game is not cost-effective. It is much more advantageous to buy ready-made epic items for gold from other players in the “Trade” section.


Before crafting a specific item, calculate the cost of its crafting in gold (you can also check resource prices in the “Trade” section) and make sure that other players are not selling the item you need at a more favorable price.

Learn to earn gold

Gold is the most valuable currency in the game (excluding RC). With gold, you can buy many useful items, including ready-made equipment from other players in the “Trade” section.


The best way to earn gold is by crafting in-demand advanced materials and selling them to other players through the “Trade” section. Read my guide on quick gold farming in Undawn for more details.

ALWAYS Buy and Use Lubricant and Radiator

Lubricant allows you to refine 200 more Normal Materials each day, and Radiator lets you refine an additional 100 Advanced Materials every day. These items can be purchased for 1000 Assist Points (MarkerAssist) or 1000 Gold (StoreGoldGather Materials).

Lubricant and Radiator

Many players hesitate to spend 2k Gold on buying these items daily, but this is a big mistake. The average cost of 1 Normal/Advanced Material in the Trade section is around 60 Gold.

prices on materials in the game

So, by spending 2000, you can earn 60 * 300 = 18000 Gold daily (actually even more, depending on the materials you refine and sell). Do not overlook this opportunity; otherwise, you will be losing 126k Gold per week or over 500k per month!

Discover how to obtain any resource

The game has a built-in help system that allows you to learn how to obtain a particular resource. To do this, you need to click on the resource icon in any interface (such as the inventory) and in the pop-up window, click on the “Obtain” button.


Another window will appear next to it, listing the methods by which the resource can be obtained. Furthermore, you can click on any of the listed methods. If the method involves purchasing, you will be directed to the corresponding store. If the method involves gathering in the open world, you will learn in which specific region the resource can be obtained and how.

Participate in the Extreme Weather Event

The Extreme Weather event in Undawn occurs 1-2 times daily, and there’s a separate detailed guide about it on the website. By opening the regional map (M), you can click on the ellipsis icon in the upper left corner to check the timing of the nearest event.

Blood Moon Bat

The essence of the event is that various zones appear on the map in a specific region for 10-15 minutes. You can visit these zones and earn valuable rewards.

  • Zone A (1 instance): Participate in defeating a mini-boss and receive an Extreme Weather Kills Chest (maximum 1 per week).
  • Zone B (2 instances): Collect plants to obtain unique seeds and plant them on your farmland. The grown crops can be exchanged for Coupons, one of the most valuable currencies in the game. Gather red crystals during the Blood Moon to obtain “fertilizers” for the unique plants, slightly increasing the crop yield. Limit: 5 units of resources per week for each event type.
  • Zone C (4 instances): Defeat a small group of bandits and loot plenty of raw materials from their trucks. Limit: 20 trucks per day.

I highly recommend participating in this event daily. It will significantly save you time on material gathering for crafting and accelerate your progress in the game.

Complete tutorial missions


In the early stages of the game, you will receive quite a few tutorial missions, and the rewards for these missions may not always be explicitly stated. However, you should still complete each of these missions because many features (such as hosting parties in your home) are unlocked only after completing the corresponding tutorial mission.

Transfer additional stats on equipment

Weapons and armor in Undawn have additional stats that the item receives during crafting. These stats can be modified using the “Modify” function. However, not all beginners know that you can transfer additional stats between equipment items for silver.


This is especially useful when you have a lower-level item with good additional stats. You can simply transfer them to a higher-level item without losing anything.

Use the right weapons

Not all weapons in the game are equally effective. In my Undawn weapon guide, I mentioned the recommended weapons for beginners: AK-47, or HK416. All other weapons are either unavailable in the early stages of the game or less effective.


As for Heavy weapons, the M134 Heavy Machine Gun is the best choice for PvE, while the M82 Heavy Sniper Rifle and M32 Grenade Launcher are great for PvP.

Explore the world to increase your character’s attributes

In the open world (near almost any structures in most regions), you can find various crates: Military Crates, First Aid Boxes, Toolboxes. You are guaranteed to find one such crate at the top of each Signal Tower. The rest are marked on the mini-map with a yellow chest icon.


In each of these crates, you will find 1 Exploration Point specific to that region. Exploration Points can be spent in the EscMarketExploration Shop to purchase Enhanced Syringes.


Using this consumable will permanently increase your character’s base attributes: +3 Max HP, +2 damage, +2 skill strength.

Complete key achievements

Go to the EscAchievements section. Here, by achieving key milestones, you can also earn Enhanced Syringes, which permanently increase your character’s attributes. Many achievements on the list are relatively easy to complete (e.g., “Add 10 friends from the camp“).


Strive to actively complete achievements. While +2 damage may seem small, obtaining 10 achievements will give you a total of +20 damage and +30 Max HP, which becomes more significant, doesn’t it?

Complete quests from the “Story” section

Open the EscStory section. Here, in the Adventure Guide and Wilderness Anecdote sections, you will find numerous quests that reward you with valuable rewards.


For beginners, I recommend focusing on the Adventure Guide section as the rewards for completing it will significantly accelerate your progress in the game.

Trade currencies wisely

Study my guide on currencies in Undawn. The game features multiple currencies and various shops. Some items are more advantageous to purchase with one currency, while others are better obtained with a different currency.


Always research and compare prices in the shops to avoid wasting your already limited resources.

Sell Excess Resources for Coupons

You can exchange certain resources for character enhancement into Coupons in the TradeMerchant GuideSale section. The thing is, the most valuable and needed resource for character enhancement is Accessory Blueprints, which are used to upgrade accessories for main and heavy weapons.

Merchant Guild

This resource is always in short supply, unlike Reinforcement Coatings, which tend to accumulate more than can be applied in the mid-game. The idea is that you can exchange surplus of these and other resources for Coupons, and then purchase the items that you truly need right now.

Farm profession experience to the limits

In Undawn, your character has several professions (EscRole). Eventually, you will need to level up all of them because the final perk grants a boost to your character’s attributes. Each profession has a daily and weekly experience limit. Your goal is to level up your professions to the daily limit every day and the weekly limit every week.


I recommend focusing on the Hunter and Gatherer professions initially since resources obtained from plants and animals are the most valuable and in-demand (at least on my server). The Chef and Angler professions are leveled up separately through cooking dishes and fishing. You can easily level up the Scavenger profession by completing the daily task in the Scavenger Settlement. I will provide more detailed information about the professions and their leveling in a future guide, coming very soon…

Engage actively in farming and cooking

Cooking in Undawn is a necessary requirement, and farming is the only profitable way to obtain ingredients for preparing dishes. In my cooking guide, you can find detailed instructions on how to cook dishes and their purposes.


I’ll just remind you that most dishes provide a temporary boost to your character’s attributes for 10 minutes (e.g., +5% damage to zombies or +50 to maximum HP). I’m sure you understand how significant this can be for your progress in the game, especially in PvP modes. Also check out my Undawn farming guide.

Develop Relationships with NPCs

A detailed Undawn NPC relationship guide has already been published on the website. With some NPCs in the game (for example, with Sherry), you can develop relationships and receive useful rewards for each increase in relationship level. To do this, you simply need to give NPCs food (the limit is 10 units per day).

NPC relationship

Each NPC has their favorite food, which will grant the highest amount of relationship points. To see the available NPCs, their favorite food, and the rewards you can obtain, open the EscSettlementRelationship (heart icon) section.

Participate in Surveys

When a survey is available, you will see a corresponding icon next to your character’s health bar. By completing the survey, players receive a generous reward of 1200 Coupons and 2 boxes with valuable gifts. The survey takes approximately 15-20 minutes, and it’s important to fill it out honestly.


In the past few days, I have completed 4 or 5 surveys and received rewards for each of them. It would be great if the developers take into account my feedback on various game issues. Although, knowing game developers in general, I don’t have high expectations in this regard…

Some Handy Tips and Tricks to Help You

Here, I will simply list a few smaller things that will be useful for you as a newcomer to Undawn.

  • You can give names to your storage containers (such as cabinets and dressers) to keep track of your items and avoid confusion. For example, I have a cabinet named “Valuable” where I store items for character upgrades and the most valuable materials.
  • Items placed in any storage container in your house (cabinets, dressers, refrigerators, etc.) are accessible for crafting at workbenches without the need to transfer them to the inventory. However, items used for equipment upgrades can only be accessed from the inventory.
  • When you are in a group, click “Follow” in the group interface to follow the leader or quickly reach them. If you are the group leader, click “Regroup” to summon group members to your location. Personally, I didn’t learn this right away, which led to some funny mishaps…
  • When descending the long staircase from the Signal Tower, you can hold Shift + S to slide down much faster. Don’t worry, it’s safe.
  • In the EscStoryWildness Anecdote section, there is a quest called “Equipment Special 1: Acid Rain Suit.” By completing it, you will obtain the Acid Rain Suit. This suit protects your character from acid rain.
    What’s interesting is that the suit will automatically be equipped and unequipped every time acid rain starts or stops, which is very convenient.


These are the key tips I can provide to a newcomer to Undawn based on my gaming experience. If you have anything to add, feel free to leave comments under this and other posts about the game. By doing so, you will help not only the website but also tens and hundreds of thousands of its readers. Happy surviving!

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  • Andrea

    In 2 hours I wasn’t able to find any military or aid crate in redwood forest, only that small boxes with poor loot inside. I would like grind forest exploration currency, but after those you find easily on 4 radio towers, idk how to proceed, any tip?

    • Kianl
      Reply to Andrea

      Look for crates where there are buildings, such as strongholds or random houses. Sometimes crates can be found in basements accessed through square hatches on the surface. Crates are always displayed on the mini-map (only on the mini-map) as orange icons.

  • Z

    beside completing the daily task in the Scavenger Settlement, is there any other way to level it up?

    • Kianl
      Reply to Z

      Hello. As far as I understood, yes. First of all, the “Scavenger” role experience is gained through lockpicking. However, locks are very rare in the open world, so farming experience this way is unlikely to work.
      Secondly, each player, upon unlocking the profession, receives a special “Panhandler’s Cardboard” that can be used for begging. I often see players in Ravens Shelter (Seinz Hills) engaging in this activity, sitting next to Trey or Catherine.
      I haven’t had a chance to thoroughly test all of this yet.

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